Tronsmart T1000 ADD IOS Mirroring support, Default mode set

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Tronsmart T1000 ADD IOS Mirroring support, Default mode set

Postby geekbuying » Mon Apr 07, 2014 2:14 am

HI Guys:
Really great news about the China Qing Ming Holiday. The Tronsmart T1000 get new 11601 update. add the ios mirroring function,and also can allow to set the default mode by yourself.

Those two function is really important for some customers.

For IOS mirroring, we have tested iOS6, iOS7.0, iOS7.1, screen mirroring all ok.

For default mode setting,you can default set the tronsmart t1000 to Ezcast mode, or MIracast model. NO need to change mode every time when you turn on. very convenice for you guys.

So now,let’s do the OTA update first, use your smartphone to control the t1000 connect to internet, and then go to setting, it will inform you find a new firmware, version is 11601, just click update button,and the system will update by itself, after one reboot, you will get a new system.

The menu also improve to make clearly for new users:


It clearly give you instruction for how to do when you get this tronsmart t1000.

step 1, download app from google play store, or app store or amazon app store.

step 2 connect the tronsmart t1000 with your TV

step 3, begin to cast content to TV.

After update to 11601, you can go to settings to set the default start up mode:


For example, if you own the kindle fire HDX, and you only want to use the Miracast function, you hope when turn on the tronsmart t1000, you can directly use the miracast function , no need to open the ezcast app in your kindle, and then change the mode to miracast function. then this default start up function is really nice for you!

In the end, let’s check the IOS screen mirroring:


Here is the instruction for how to get the screen mirror on IOS 7.1:

first launch the lastest ezcast app in your iphone, click EZAIR button


and then you will see this


Click different part, it will give you the instructions, for IOS 7.1 you can just pull the menu up,and you will see the place to set the airplay:


and then click airplay, and choose”Tronsmart”dongle, and don’t forget to click ” mirror”


Ok, that’s all.
Hope you guys love this update!


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