Need recommendation

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Need recommendation

Postby FeloniusMonkey » Thu Apr 11, 2013 12:21 pm

I need a recommendation for an Android TV Stick for my car. It will drive a Pioneer AppRadio 2 by using ARLiberator (cool stuff, if you're not familiar with it). Therefore, I need a stick that best satisfies the following requirements:
    Can operate in a hot car in the summertime without frying itself
    Has a 3rd party kernel that supports touchscreen over bluetooth (to allow the touchscreen of the AppRadio to control the device)
    ICS or better OS
    Nice to have: Amlogic AM8726 CPU (for XBMC hardware acceleration)
I've heard some people managed to get the MX1 working under certain conditions... but nothing I'd deem a reliable solution.
I'm considering the MK808B and the MX1/MX2... however after hearing about lots of random failures on the MX1/MX2's, I'm kinda leaving it as a last resort. In the hot car, I wouldn't expect an MX2 to last very long.

Any input is appreciated. Just looking to hear from experience.


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