VNC Server for Rockchip-Powered TV Sticks

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VNC Server for Rockchip-Powered TV Sticks

Postby jewfro » Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:48 am

I've spent a frustrating two days trying to find a VNC server that would work in my iMito MX1. I tried every VNC server that looked promising in the Play Store search results for "vnc server." Some of these apps appeared to be working correctly at first, but I could never get a successful VNC connection from my Mac. The VNC server would turn off as soon as I tried to establish a connection.

Eventually, I found a VNC server that works in the most unexpected place - on my phone. I opened up the app drawer on my phone and saw an app called "Remote Control Add-on." When I opened the app, it appeared to be just what I needed - a very basic VNC server. I looked it up in the Play Store, installed it on my MX1, and it worked immediately with Chicken of the VNC. At this point, my only annoyances with it are that scrolling from my trackpad is not recognized and that the 1080p resolution is more than my 1280x800 laptop display has room for. I'll be switching to the 720p version of Finless Bob's ROM to make the VNC experience more palatable.

Remote Control Add-on: ... p.rc&hl=en

I hope this post can spare someone from hours of frustrating Internet searches, looking for a suitable VNC server for their Android TV stick.


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Re: VNC Server for Rockchip-Powered TV Sticks

Postby dv8ed » Thu Apr 18, 2013 4:46 pm

Just what I was looking for.


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Re: VNC Server for Rockchip-Powered TV Sticks

Postby n3wb13 » Fri Apr 19, 2013 2:17 am

There are also other apps. So far I have tried these three on my Measy U2C:

  • droid VNC server : Current version on Play Store is 1.1RC0. This version constantly crashes for no reason. The beta version is 1.1RC1 but this one gives black screen after connecting.
  • VNC server : Seems to be more stable but still crashes sometimes.
  • VNC Server Ultimate : Nothing but a black screen.

The VNC server apps above support connecting via web browser using NoVNC. But they will immediately crash when you hit F11 key on your keyboard to switch the web browser to full screen mode :lol:

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Re: VNC Server for Rockchip-Powered TV Sticks

Postby Nex00x1 » Sun Apr 21, 2013 2:38 pm

Hi :)
I've installed the latest version of droid VNC server in my GK802 and I manage it without any problems from a PC with win 7 and TightVNC viewer.

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