Eanovo EATV005

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Eanovo EATV005

Postby Mitchell4you. » Tue Dec 11, 2012 5:56 am

Eanovo EATV005 ne : Brand Name, Eanovo/OEM tv box. Model Number, EATV005 (from ebay : Uk dealer )
Info :
http://eanovo.en.alibaba.com/product/63 ... v_box.html

CPU: ROCKChip 3066 Dual Core 1.4GHz CPU (1412mhz says Diagnose)
Operation System: Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean (rom v1.0.3)
GPU: Quad-Core Mali 400MP GPU Memory: DDR2 1GB
Storage: NAND flash 4GB ( 512mb internal / 2.11 gb internal sd )
Support external SD card up to 32GB
Network: WIFI: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Rj45 network connection interface
Video/audio out : RCA & HDMI ( at the same time /dualscreen possible)
USB connectors : 4 Power :
DC adaptor 5v 2a (short cable)
HDMI cable (real short cable)

The bad :
512 mb internal nand, means running out of install space quikly
Because sadly not all app support moving2sd
No manual
No remote
No root

The good :
Video & audio from HDMI and RCA at the same time ( HDMI Monitor / RCA to Scart to CRT TV -worked)
So, I connected the RCA to my AV-Reciever (stereo to surround 5.1 ) and was happy supprised it worked
I can play music with-out any monitor running (just hitting key play on keyb :meridan plays from hd)
Installed/played XBMC, Youtube and many more app without any issue (from rj45)
Playing 4:3 streaming video : I was happy supprised the video wasn't stretched (like it does on my mk808stick)

a notice: Setting up lan or Wifi after your settings are saved, the device doesn't connect (it needs a reboot to work)
Not tested Wifi...
user exp : for this device 2 days ( i also have a mk808 1month and fvd11? stick 3months )

What do use to make screenshot?

If you have questions, just reply

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Re: Eanovo EATV005

Postby Mitchell4you. » Tue Dec 11, 2012 5:12 pm

I messed-up (need to reset)

But before I do..some benchmarks...

Sunspider : 1913.7
Vellamo ::
HTML5 : 1606
Metal : 521
adv video: 34
antutu: 10819
octane 1714
Wifi analyzer : avg 50 / low 45 / high 70 (there about 11 routers nearby )

More info :
The device has some Gui issues like :
Notification tab says : No connection : But Icon shows connected rj45 (i'm online)
It comes with two lanchers : the default one... and a uckly one.. (I installed my fav with-out issue )
The systemBar doesn't hide

I type with-out the virtuel keyb coming everytime
There is a settingtab with : sound device manager (options :rockchip_spdif / rk29_rk1000)
There is a option to enable the IR remote
There is a option for text to speech (I don't have on my mk808)
Other : Wifi / ethernet / vpn / hotspot / mobile networks / pppoe
The device has 3 mac locked adress (wifi/lan/??)

I played last night with the ugly lancher and my CRT monitor...
While the Home is uckly on a LCD... Because of the big letters, menus and Icons
However on a CRT it seems needed...to make the text readable and easy navigation ( So I was wrong)
Playing some d/l mp4 and mkv :
Internal player / no systemtab
Vplayer / No systemtab
Will try some 1080p to day...
I realy need a screenshot maker :) saves time...

device info found :
Wifi : rtl8188ctv
RCA : RK1000-S
nand : 29f32g08cbaba
lan : smsc 8720a
4x ram : H5TQ2G83CFR H9C
Need a translator for the rest... more coming

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Re: Eanovo EATV005

Postby Mitchell4you. » Wed Dec 12, 2012 7:32 pm

checked-out :
Youtube 1080p trailers (7 of them)
Dave's trailer page (3 of them)
All using rj45/lan using dualscreen (crt - svideo and LCD - hdmi),
the all played with-out any issue.. with mx player ( no buffering or waiting)
Off-course.. on a lcd everthing looks nicer

Powerusage ;
Boot 8 watt
Idle : heart beat between 5 and 6 watt
Watch hd stream 6 watt

I noticed some changes on the resellers page.. stating the nand can be extend to 16gb and it can do dolby/dts
I'm sending him a e-mail... the dolby/dts thing I will test later (my av-reciever detects dolby/dts and highlight this )
Well.. this tread shows its possible to get dts...
http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthr ... ?t=1831111

I hope to post the result here (in this reply) goodnight!

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Re: Eanovo EATV005

Postby jevgenijo » Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:57 am

Hi everyone,

we've became the official retailer of Eanovo EATV005 boxes in the UK. New name for it is DroidTV. We are going to put some TV software on these boxes.
We have received the latest firmware from the producer and soon it should be available through our website:

What do you think about this box? The latest software is very stable, isn't it?
Eanovo has promised to make these boxes rooted for us.
Let me know your thoughts and give some feedback on EATV005.

Kind regards,

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Re: Eanovo EATV005

Postby Mitchell4you. » Tue Jan 29, 2013 3:05 pm

sorry' for the late responds been busy :-)
Thats create news....

about q
1)the box is quite fast,
but could use a paint job and a logo on top
2)have not seen any firmware or software updates...are there any?
can this device be firmware updated? ( not thats need at this time, but later to get root perhaps)

any chance on a 8gb version? (or more)
i might be tempted to buy second unit if 8gb :-)

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Re: Eanovo EATV005

Postby jevgenijo » Tue Mar 12, 2013 11:55 am

Hi Mitchell4you,

we have finally started the sale of http://androidgadget.co.uk/home/6-droidtv-x1-android-set-top-box-android-411-xbmc.html

Soon we are getting new model with the 16GB rom and retail price will be £98 (with mele F10 remote).

We have received the latest firmware from manufacturer. In the latest version they expanded the internal memory up to 1gb.
Please visit this thread - http://forum.androidgadget.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?fid=34

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