OTT CSQ918S A31S Allwinner

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OTT CSQ918S A31S Allwinner

Postby Dvalin21 » Mon Aug 04, 2014 11:19 am

Latest update for custom rom:

More help is needed with this devices and most of these android tv box, it says it suppose 1080p via HDMI, but is only 720p by 1280.
The new pcb use config.fex file instead of the script.bin that is usually located in the bootloader.fex file. Also the even bigger problem
is that no one has yet to find how to edit the config.fex file. Once this file is editable then we can set the resolution to true 1080p. If anyone know how
please pm me so we can talk. Be more than happy to learn how from you.

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