Quick Boot by Sirius Applications Ltd

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Quick Boot by Sirius Applications Ltd

Postby jackbenimble » Mon Nov 26, 2012 5:14 pm

This app requires root access.

I tried several Reboot applications for the NEO G4 and all of them worked "sortof" but about every other time they disabled and broke the wifi. It could not be re-enabled. The only way to restore it was to unplug the G4 and then plug it back in.

The Quick Boot application gives four options for various methods of rebooting. The "restart" option suffers from the broken wifi problem. Two others are for firmware backups and restores. However the "Power Off" option seems to work perfectly. It does not actually leave the power off, it seems to cycle the power and then the MINIX automatically reboots itself about 30 seconds after you shut it down but hopefully with a nice fresh memory and with working wifi. In the app settings I set it up so only the "Power Off" option is visible when you start the app to reboot.

I'm pretty pleased with it.

The other application that seems to work without breaking wifi is the power button on the 2nd remote screen of DroidMote.

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