NEO G4 Experience

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NEO G4 Experience

Postby compyy » Fri Nov 16, 2012 11:05 am

Hi People,

Please share your NEO G4 experience ?

Wireless Performance ?
Full 1080P output ?
3D Movies with Subtitles ?
Youtube + Flash Sites performance ?
Moviez 1080p ? any sync issue ?
any Heating ?


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Re: NEO G4 Experience

Postby tibox » Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:38 pm

Full market ? Can change défaut location ?

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Re: NEO G4 Experience

Postby SuhiJr » Sat Nov 24, 2012 2:12 pm

full hd support (1080p) coming with JB update soon. i read that on MiniX facebook page

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Re: NEO G4 Experience

Postby ebianchi » Sun Nov 25, 2012 5:16 am

full market +1 ?
or at least can you install the apk ?
have you tried a usb gamepad ?
have you tried xbmc (i know there's no hardware support but could you install it?)
thank you

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Re: NEO G4 Experience

Postby jackbenimble » Sun Nov 25, 2012 11:04 am

My new NEO G4 arrived yesterday and I have been playing with it.

Here are a few impressions:
- The IR Mouse is junk. I expected it to be a clunky interface but it is all but unusable.
- Fortunately I ordered a Measy RC13 rf Flymouse. I like it although somehow it seems backwards to me. When I point it at the screen with the speaker towards the G4 and move the mouse up, the cursor moves down. If I turn it around and with the cursor keypad pointed towards the G4 it works perfectly and it is totally usable and feels normal in this position so I am happy with it. The speaker and the Mic both work which is nice. I can do Google voice searches. Unfortunately, the G4 seems to want to use the RC13 speaker, rather than HDMI as the default so I end up resetting the audio when I reboot. Hopefully I can get Tasker to take care of that for me but I have not messed with it yet. I wish the RC13 had a menu key. I may get brave and try to custom map one.
- The Wifi has been flawless. Shows I am connected at 150Mbps with 2 to 3 bars. I am 100 feet and 2 walls from my N router. No trouble with whatever security protocol my router wanted.
- I had no trouble rooting the G4 using the instructions posted in the firmware thread.
- I installed Droidmote Server (requires root) on the G4 and Droidmote on my Samsung Galaxy S3. I really like it. In some ways it is better than the RC13. It gives more of a touchscreen interface.
- I'm happy with both my ability to stream Netflix and Amazon (through the webpage) movies. I'm also able to play Youtube videos just fine. I'm not much of a videophile so I can't tell you anything about 1080P
- It is mildly warm to the touch after being on all night.
- I have not noticed any limitations on the Market. Everything I have looked for I have found.
- I am not real thrilled with the music player. Pretty feeble interface. I'm trying to get a better app working.
- The XBMC seems to work well for streaming pictures, music and Xvid avi movies files from my Worldbook NAS drive to my G4. The music is great. Unfortunately the movies were ripped to small files which look great on my phone in eye-strain-o-vision but look very rough on my 46" TV.

Overall I am very pleased.

If you ask me questions, I might try things for you.

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Re: NEO G4 Experience

Postby tibox » Tue Nov 27, 2012 4:26 am

Thanks for you rreport.
Have you tested skype video calls with G4 ? and with Measy RC13 ?

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Re: NEO G4 Experience

Postby igme » Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:54 pm

Using stock firmware:

Overheating - I've left it playing some movies while doing some stuffs for 5 hours at least (3 movies plus some episodes) and no issues so far.

Youtube seems to be playing quite nicely - it defaults to the higher quality version of the videos

Skype - before I got a powered usb hub, I can only do videos and receive sounds - mic did not work. I got a powered hub last night and the sound recorder seems to work. will try skype call on it this weekend probably.

I was using an old webcam logitech c210 i believe.
Wireless keyboard K700 also works.
It needs a powered USB hub if you would like to use any other devices with an external HD though....

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