Lets increase that storage!!!

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Lets increase that storage!!!

Postby reddragon72 » Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:19 pm

Ok as we know this is an awesome device but it has one downfall.... limited storage!
8Gigs is not much for android anymore and this being a none mobile device I see no reason to not go after more storage.

I have this in mind http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthr ... ?t=2022727

I have two HDD attached to the unit right now UBS hub and let me tell you this method

1 - Format your USB Drive to ntfs
2 - download and install ParagonNTFS
3 - download and install NtfsSd
4 - Plug in your USB drive, open paragonNTFS, and go to settings-->check and fix, then mount the drive
*the check and fix will tell you the path to the USB drive /Dev/block/xxxxxx (probably /dev/block/sda1)*
5- - copy everything from the SDCARD to the USB device VIA your favorite file explorer, just be sure that root and show hidden file/folders are check so you can copy everything over.
5 - Open settings and then storage. Unmount the NAND memory.
5 - open NtfsSd and go to menu-->preferences
6 - change Mount device to /Dev/block/xxxxxx (gotten in step 4, and again, probably /dev/block/sda1)
7 - make sure external storage is set to /storage/sdcard
8 - click mount in NtfsSd

Works just fine until reboot. That is easily fixed, but I want more. I want to do what the guy did in the first link, 5Gigs of app install storage.(but I'm thinking 8Gigs of the NAND could be ate up since we wont be using it for storage anymore)

So what do we need.... easy init.d support to manually add to our current rom(I see Bob has done this, but I'm sure we can add it ourselves through some method as I don't want to swap roms).
Then we need to re-partition the app storage space so we can install more apps! Also need to check on apps2SD to ensure it will work after each reboot.

I think this would go far in setting up our little devices as the ultimate Android device and it could even bleed over to other devices. I know I'm not alone on this so any help would be greatly appreciated.



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