MX1 WiFi Dongle Compatibility

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MX1 WiFi Dongle Compatibility

Postby ApocalypseSticks » Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:01 pm

Does anybody know if the MX1 is compatible with WiFi dongles? I've read that they are usable on the MK808 with the proper drivers, but I've been reading that the WiFi on the MX1 is a different beast altogether.

The link to the MK808 process is ... f=66&t=231

And the process FOR THE MK808 is as follows...
1) copy rtl8192cu.ko to /system/lib/modules after you have mounted with rw (I usually run ESexplorer with root options)
2) rename /system/lib/modules/rkwifi.ko -> /system/lib/modules/rkwifi.ko.old in case you need that later
3) rename /system/lib/modules/rtl8192cu.ko -> /system/lib/modules/rkwifi.ko
4) fix permitions, I do that from terminal, but I think you can do that from ESExplorer as well
chmod go+r /system/lib/modules/rtl8192cu.ko
chown root:root /system/lib/modules/rtl8192cu.ko

Would something similar be feasible with the MX1? I've been having horrible luck with WiFi stability and would like to investigate this, but am afraid to make any purchases with my current level of Android and developer knowledge.

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Re: MX1 WiFi Dongle Compatibility

Postby Jewcyph0r » Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:40 pm

Before I went this route:

1. I would make sure that I had exhausted several wireless router configurations. I have heard people with this issue simply change authentication methods and/or encryption types to resolve this. For some, this is simply a proximity issue.

2. What do your logfiles say while you are experiencing these problems? Log onto the device via adb or ssh and run "logcat". Also check the tail of "dmesg".

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