General Info / Review Mx1

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General Info / Review Mx1

Postby Solo1 » Sat Dec 22, 2012 1:04 pm

I just did the research and acquired the Imito Mx1. These devices have gone through a rapid evolution over the past year with many products released with issues. From what I understand, the Mx1 and Mx2 by iMito is the first release which has the best specs and fewest issues. Bluetooth is very nice addition (first device with this) and the memory and cpu components are as good as there is out there. Nice to have bluetooth so you can use the usb port for something else if you don't want to add a powered USB hub.

Wifi failure and screen sizing and resolution are two issues I remember plaguing the devices from spring and summer.

I have been resting my Mx1 for 10 days now and must say I am quite pleased with it. Updating to the 11/29 firmware is important and if you have the 11/05 or later firmware on your device it is much easier to do.. at least it was for me. Just place the update.img file on the microsd card and reboot and it will ask you if you want to update. Instructions to upgrade prior firmware releases are quite complicated.
There is also a 12/5 release that provides true 1080p and rooting.

The wifi signal is not particularly strong so I got a wireless Ethernet dongle and am getting great speeds from a wireless repeater (usually 11-20+mb per sec.) The wifi only delivers 3-6 mb per sec from my wireless router from master bedroom, through bathroom to 2nd bedroom. Good enough for web browsing and 480p, pretty good for 720p videos form the net, but no way 1080p. I have noticed that upon reboot I have to reset the Ethernet to get connected and that the device loses the correct time and date. Resetting Ethernet connection fixes this.

Firefox browser is not good. Some sites will not accept typing and scross button on wireless mouse does not work . The stock browser is very good though. I cannot get Amazon instant video to work, though others have reported it works for them.

Playon works well when installed on your computer to stream to the Playon Mobile install on the iMito. Once again the stock video player is good or Mx Video player which allows you to access the tool bar on the bottom of the screen.

The ipazz bluetooth mini keyboard / mouse pad works well

Jelly Bean has some nice improvements and works well.

Here are some helpful links and info I posted in slickdeals discussion forum:

firmware updating, rooting and true 1080p

A couple of informative links about flashing updates.

First link: If you have firmware of 11/05 or later firmware, flashing is easy. Just put update.img in root of microsd card, insert in imito and boot. Will give auto update dialog upon boot. In link is also described the confusing and arduous process to flash usb drivers and firmware for pre 11/05 firmwares.

The second link includes the latest firmware 11/29.

The third link gives video review and process and links for true 1080p and root.

Fourth link has download mirror at

FYI, I have found the native browser by far the best vs Firefox, chrome and dolphin particularly as it pertains to wireless mice or mini mouse / keyboard (ipazz works great) as does Logitech wireless mouse / keyboard ex100 and 360. It also has nice google browser synching and desktop widget for bookmarks. Logitech wireless mouse keyboard:


Here is another "heralded" device with more input / output options including S/pdif optical. ... B00AA9K2GI

Feel free to ask any questions.

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Re: General Info / Review Mx1

Postby Solo1 » Tue Dec 25, 2012 1:00 pm

Update: Updated with FInless 1.5 ROM.

Great instructions provided by Finless Bob at freabtab (can't use the image.update install method from microSD card) and works great!

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