Issues with Media Players

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Issues with Media Players

Postby vatastala » Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:26 am

Hi all, I successfully installed Finleys 1.5 in my UG007, everything works fine except the issues because I decided to flash this iMito ROM.

I explain better...I bought the UG007 for film playback purpose only, I attached It in my bedroom's TV and connected with wi-fi using SAMBA to my Western Digital NAS. With my SGS3 and my Asus Trannsformer Prima the playback in wi-fi works fine in this way using BS Player PRO and DICE Player.

When I bought UG007, with stock firmware, I had these issues:

- DICE Player: never started, opening It I receive immediately a message "Impossible to reproduce the file"...but which file?!? I started DICE player 20 milliseconds ago!!!

- With BS Player, after setting network buffer, HW decoding mode and other tweaks I have behaviours as...Start the film but I can hear only the audio, black screen...or I hear the audio and the image is like old vectorial Commodore 64 games ...or It not start.

After installing imito Finleys 1.5 rom the behaviors are the same, but the system is much better than stock firmware.

What do you think about this???

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Re: Issues with Media Players

Postby jez794 » Tue Mar 12, 2013 1:40 pm

cant you just use xbmc to pick up the shared media on your network, if not give MX player a try

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