Using TP-LINK TL-722N Wireless Adapter on 32EH5450

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Using TP-LINK TL-722N Wireless Adapter on 32EH5450

Postby JeremyDingo12 » Fri Apr 18, 2014 4:23 am

Hello friends,

TP-LINK TL-WN722N - I screwed up the title :(

Sorry, this is my first post and i thought i might skip the intro's and start directly into the matter of the problem. Thank you for taking the time in advance to read and reply. So, i wanted to know if anyone tried this wireless adapter to a Samsung Smart TV Model 32EH5450 . And if it works. I read that there are some hacks with the other types of wireless adapters that have Realtek Chips in them and they work, but mind you, this has Atheros AR9271 chip and not Realtek one. Wanted to ask, if someone made it to work somehow on the tv as functional wireless adapter, with any kind of drivers in it, maybe tested it? I tried all day searching on the net with no luck :(.
I know it's a little old, but i can't keep up with all the latest fanciest things, rl pbs.

Here is the link to the wireless adapter:

Thank you for your help. Much love!

"Sorry for typo's and grammar errors, english is not my first language"

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