Install Picuntu on Internal Nand

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Install Picuntu on Internal Nand

Postby gripped » Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:02 am

(I have now installed debian wheezy via debootstrap. The below still applies and I needed Picuntu to do the debootstrap. The instructions below are intentionally vague !. In a nutshell what I have done is add the rk30xxnand_ko.ko to initramfs.cpio and insert it so that the kernel can find root on the mtdblock. I will write all this up properly on my blog when I get time. )


I've spent the weekend trying to do this and have had some success. I am sharing this in case anyone else is trying to do the same thing.
If this has been covered already then sorry but I did not come across it.

The Repo is
All you need should be there ?

Still needs tidying up. I am not planning on supporting or releasing this at all but it may be of use to someone ?

Install Picuntu on Intenal Nand

First of all this is in a state of flux and may be broken at any time.
I would have liked to fork repos and pull from here and there but do not yet know much about git so I'm uploading this as a whole.
Credits to AndrewDB , Omegamoon, alok & finless bob

The kernel tree is from ... ksinha2001
The toolchain is taken from Omegamoons tree
The original initramfs.cpio is from
the mkbootimg is from

The config is based on Picuntu 0.9 RC2 as RC3 was throwing up hung process errors

I started this as my intention is to run a mail relay on my MK808 on my home FTTC connection.
(I have a couple of cheap, but fair powerful for the price, servers where the provider blocks port 25 and I don't want to use their relay if I can avoid it)
I don't need Android on the device at all and it seems a waste to leave the internal nand almost unused.

First I wanted to get a functional Picuntu on the internal Nand, this is done.
Next I will be optimizing the kernel for headless running. Anything not needed will be disposed of.
I'm still waiting for a Network switch and once I have it wifi will be going from my build as well( but I'll leave configs in place)

Only tested on MK808. I do have a MK808B as well so may try this later (no wifi or BT) but other models YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN

This will stop Android working on your device (though you can flash it back)
If you don't understand why I suggest you stop here.

Doing it ! (Don't blame me)

Install Picuntu 0.9 RC2 and make sure its working fully on the sdcard.

The kernel build tree is self contained and I think you should be able to build without to much extra packages
Of the top of my head I had to install SHA something and LZO something (I'm on arch)
Look at this compilation errors if any and you'll work out what missing

You need to have your MTD blocks / partitions laid out as I have set up in the configs Kernel CONFIG_CMDLINE

The parameter file is in the root directory "parameter1gb"

Flash Finless bobs 2.0 MK808 rom with the parameter1gb and you get the right layout ... M-2-0-BETA

Copy ./modules/rk30xxnand_ko.ko.3.0.8+ to the /lib/modules/kernel/rk30xxnand_ko.ko on your sdcard and on the MK808 run depmod -a

run ./build_rk3066_standard

and in BUILT you will find sdcard_boot.img.

Flash it to boot

On picuntu

modprobe rk30xxnand_ko.ko

cat /proc/mtd

should show mtd partition. If not its not working , figure it out.

mkfs.ext4 /dev/mtdblock9

mount /dev/mtdblock9 /mnt

rsync -avx / /mnt

umount /mnt


run ./build_rk3066_mtd
and in BUILT you will find mtdboot.img.
Flash to boot

Everything works and you are happy.

As I say this is stiil a work in progress
The modules these compilatons produced did not work (missing symbols) but the set already on my picuntu install did.
I will investigate

The rk30xxnand_ko.ko I took from the MK808 rom worked on Picuntu but had were odd on my PC. (cp cannot stat)
So I took one from here ... o.3.0.8%2B

It might brick your entire life ?
To Do

Test jffs2 & ubifs
Benchmark internel nand vs class 10 SD
Try to implement raid1 between nand & SD
Make headless version of kernel
Find any improved code in other repo's
Anything I think of.

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Re: Install Picuntu on Internal Nand

Postby gallando » Fri May 24, 2013 9:12 pm

AWESOME!! Thank you very much for sharing your work!

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Re: Install Picuntu on Internal Nand

Postby gripped » Thu May 30, 2013 1:54 pm

Pleased to hear it was of use to you. :D

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Re: Install Picuntu on Internal Nand

Postby tonikasch » Tue Sep 03, 2013 6:50 pm

gripped, I'm really interested in your work.
Any advance?
What is your blog?
Thanks!! :D
MK808 as server, waiting for full Mali-400 support
Minix X7 arriving home mid September to bring it full linux support :)
...Itaca te ha dado el bello viaje. Sin ella, nunca habrías salido...

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