poor performance

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poor performance

Postby chismay » Wed Aug 28, 2013 7:05 am

ok srry im not normally a ranter but last night was the last effort with the mk808, had my gf back to watch a movie, "thats ok i have a android tv stick that i can stream movies with." ok so to be honest the performance just getting to primewire. was a joke it took about 15 minutes to navigate to the right page, with every click i seemed to get about 10 popups, and as most of you guys know the minute u get 1 popup on the mk808 browser it slows EVERYTHING DOWN. like just clcik play took about 4 attemps before the stick even followed my direction.

then when after about 30mins i finally got the movie playing. yeah right..,., got about 8 minutes into the movie,.,,,.., android stick stops playing movie closes browser........ ok so reload browser i do it then does the same thing taking ages to get the movie back.... only to play for a further 15 minutes before yet again freezing.

im gonna try firefox with it today but this was the main reason of buying this android stick. to stream movies and music without having to download to pc,phone or tablet. and it cant even handle that? and yes im trying diffrent source on net same results

its on the custom rom finless bob so assume this is the best performance im gonna get from it... to be 100% i really get angry when i buy a device to do something...its made to to do..... and it cant even do that capably ?. srry for rant but i nearly threw the stick, its stupid usb cable i had to buy to power the stupid thing and the hdmi adaptor i had to buy to use the stupid thing out the window.. why make these things and sell them if they dont really work.? i mean 1ghz power? hell no i had a chinese 800mhz tablet that performed better then this. and ram? where does it all go because just clicking app draw or opening apps take friggin ages and lags the whole thing.

also just while playing music ....yeah just music in google music or any other player after a while the music begins stuttering? like the oh so powerfull 1ghz and 1gbram cant handle playing a simple audio file wtf?

once again srry for rant

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