MK808 only booting to Recovery

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MK808 only booting to Recovery

Postby TomaatHoek » Sat Jun 29, 2013 2:04 pm

Hey everyone,
I have an problem of my mk808 booting straight into picunty when starting up

I have flashed Oleg's picuntu kernel in the recovery area, and then it only started from there.
I have Finless v1.7 at my mk808 with the 2dark4u kernel (v3)

I re-flashed the Finless v1.7 with the 1080boot.img and the 1080kernel.img (2dark4u) and then Oleg's kernel on the recovery area, but it still boots into picuntu straight away, how to fix this?

(It could be the reboot app of Finless making this problem, i have read that somewhere)

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