Possible solution to your wifi drop-out problems.

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Possible solution to your wifi drop-out problems.

Postby Zelno » Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:23 pm

Hey guys. Been messing around alot with my mk808 since i got it. Been having various issues with flashing and my wifi both weak in signal plus dropping although i have signal.

So this is pretty much what i have done:

Taken the 2 original antennas and soldered 2 cables there instead.
Flashed with Finless 1.6 rom
Upgraded my routers firmware to the latest.
Messed around a whole lot with the router settings.
Messed around a whole lot with signal strength via iwconfig (thougt it might have something to do with overheating the wifi-chip)

And then i found this little post on the interwebs http://www.xtf.dk/2012/12/android-mk808-wifi-fix-solutions.html where it says to use a higher channel on your router. Well i did this and i have no drops what so ever now. I had to sacrifice a bit of signal strength due to the higher channel i choosed. But its way better than having drop-outs every 20 seconds.

Hope this can help some of you guys out there.

Good luck!

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