Zopo ZP990+ Review and Unboxing!

Zopo has upgraded the original ZP990 to the 1.7Ghz MTK6592 8-core soc.
It also features a 5.95" FHD display, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of flash
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Zopo ZP990+ Review and Unboxing!

Postby deadhp1 » Fri Feb 14, 2014 12:38 pm

I recently had a good experience with the Zopo ZP980+, but I found the screen at 5" was just a little too small for me.
The Zopo ZP990+ comes to the rescue with nearly the same specs as it's sibling with a 5.95" FHD display.
So I ordered from Geekbuying and DHL was lightning fast this time. It arrived in 3 days from China to NYC!


http://www.geekbuying.com/item/ZOPO-ZP9 ... 24342.html


MTK6592 8-core SOC at 1.7GHz
Mali450MP4 at 700Mhz
2GB of Ram
32GB of Flash
5.95" FHD Screen(1920x1080)
5MP Front Camera
14MP Rear Camera
Wifi A/B/G/N
BT 4.0
Compass, Gravity, and Prox. Sensors
FM Radio(with included headphones as antenna)
Microsd slot
2x sim slots(1 micro, 1 normal)
Micro-USB port with OTG
3.5MM Headphone Jack
Supports: 2G(GSM)850/900/1800/1900MHz and 3G(WCDMA)900/1900/2100MHz
3000Mah Battery
Android 4.2.2

What's in the Box:

ZP990+(assembled with battery)
Micro-USB cable
Power Adapter
User Manual
Screen Protector


Bubblewrap and Airpacks

The Box





Inside The Box



Pile of Goodies!




First Impressions:

The ZP990+ looks stunning! The sheer size of the screen makes it feel pretty thin.
There is a striated metal band that wraps around the edge of the ZP990+, and a lightly textured battery cover on the back.
With the battery cover clicked into place the ZP990+ feels quite solid, no creaking or flexing.

On the Top of the ZP990+ is the headphone port.

On the bottom of the ZP990+ is the female micro-usb port.

Located on the left side is the volume toggle.

Located on the right is the power button.

First Start:
The first boot for the ZP990+ took about 45 seconds. Not that much of a wait.(Later boots around the 20 second range)
The 5.95" screen has very good brightness and colors. Immediately I am in love.

I had been a little worried that 5.95" would be a little too big for my pocket, but I was surprised when I held the ZP990+ up to an older 5.7" phablet.
They we're physically the same size!

I connected to my wifi network and was downloading apps from the Play Store within minutes.

The ZP990+ ships with Android 4.2.2.
I'm not sure if we'll be seeing an upgrade to KitKat, but the hardware is more than capable.

The Transparent Status Bar is a nice touch.


There are several themes that ship on the firmware and can be changed using the Theme app.

The About Phone Screen lists the following items:
Android Version:
Kernel Version:
3.4.39 user@linux-user #1 Wed Jan 15 14:30:40 CST 2014
Build Number:
ZP990+ 20140115-181758
Baseband Version:
MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.V21.P13, 2014/01/09 14:46

Cellular Connectivity:
One of the big worries when buying a phone from overseas is the frequencies used. Most of the time 2G is the best we can expect in the USA. While voice and messaging may work fine, mobile data leaves alot to be desired at that speed.

Like it's sibling(zp980+) the ZP990+ differs from many of the newly released phones. It supports 3G at 900/1900/2100Mhz.
This means that in the US you're able to connect to AT&T 3G service at 1900Mhz.
I was able to get stable 3G connections with no problems when using an AT&T sim. I've seen both H and H+ icons in the status bar.
Using the Speedtest.net app I managed to get 9.44Mbps download and 2.06Mbps upload. More than enough to stream Netflix, HBO Go, Youtube, and others.
In contrast my home wifi connection gets 9.23Mbps download and 5.41Mbps upload(Using an older router at the moment).

When 3G wasn't available data rate slow down quite a bit, but it is enough to get by with email and such.
Since my home is actually located in a bit of a dead zone I was surprised to see 2 bars of 2G service and clear voice calls from inside.

Sound Quality:
I found the stock speakerphone to be quite good. The microphone is pretty sensitive without causing an echo.
Call quality in general is good.
The loudspeaker is loud enough to be watching movies from across the room Excellent for music too!

Connecting the ZP990+ to my devices was simple and worked well. I tested using several headsets, a bt speaker, and a bt car radio.

Battery Life:

The ZP990+ includes a 3000mah battery. This seems very adequate for a screen this size.
It lasts me over a day with mixed use throughout.

Media Playback:
I tested several apps to check how the ZP990+ plays media both locally and from the web.

The first one I downloaded was an XBMC monthly build. I was expecting it to launch quickly and was not let down. It took

about 5 seconds.
I was able to playback many 1080p and 720p files without any issues. It did crash on me at one point.

MX Player:
I had only 2 issues with MX Player.
First was the onscreen fonts are difficult to read. They show up as black when they should be white.
Second problem was with the audio codecs. I don't believe the ZP990+ has support for AC3 or DTS audio built in.
I had to choose software decoder for AC3 files and eventually had to install the DTS codecs for MX Player in order to get this to work.

Dice Player:
Most files played well in HW mode. The MTK6592 in the ZP990+ is more than addequate to playback 1080p in software decoding mode. DTS and AC3 were properly decoded and played back.

BS Player:
This one seemed to only play in software mode. It's a nice player all the same, but I'll stick with the others for now.

Netflix and HBO Go:
I had no issues with Netflix or HBO Go. Videos played smooth in HD and subtitles/audio were in sync.

I had no issues with GPS in the ZP990+. After turning it on I was locked onto 12 satellites within 15 seconds.
Accuracy was good within 7 feet. It's a joy compared to some of the MTK6589 phones with horrible GPS signals.

It's nice to see a digital compass again. Many of my previous phones didn't even have one.

FM Radio:
One of my favorite things about the MTK chipsets I've used is the FM Radio.
The inlcuded headphones act as an antenna for the FM Radio. It's possible to record music and talkshows directly onto the ZP990+.
The FM Radio app also identifies what song and station are currently playing.


Front Camera:
The front facing camera on the ZP990+ is a 5MP sensor which can be interpolated to 8MP through software.
I don't generally use the front camera so I briefly tested it in Skype and everything looked good to me.

Rear Camera:
The 14MP Rear Camera does a great job at taking pictures. The Flash is super bright and timed properly for dark areas/rooms. Auto-Focusing is quick and painless.
The quality is equal to the ZP980+ which was the best camera I had tested...until now.

I tested the ZP990+ with Antutu, Quadrant, and Vellamo.

The ZP990+ scored 27375 on it's first try.



Quadrant Standard Edition:
The ZP990+ managed an impressive 15350!


The ZP990+ scored a 1923 in the HTML 5 test and 632 in the METAL test.



The ZP990+ is a very capable phone at a good price. The 8-core MTk6592 sips power and provides a very nice experience.
I had almost no issues with software and none at all with the hardware. The fit and finish is quite good.
The 5.95" screen feels perfect to me.
I'd recommend the ZP990+ to just about anyone that wants performance, battery life, and a larger screen.
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