[ROM Download]New Stock Firmware For Tronsmart Vega S89

Android Set-top box featuring the quad core Amlogic S802 chipset with 2GB of ram and 16GB internal flash.
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[ROM Download]New Stock Firmware For Tronsmart Vega S89

Postby geekbuying » Fri Apr 25, 2014 5:54 am

HI Guys:

We just get the new stock firmware for tronsmart vega s89 and vega s89 Elite version.

Thanks for all of your feedbacks in the first bulk. I have written all of the problem you guys talking,and keep pushing the factory to fix the problems,Now they have fixed most of the bugs i told to them, and here is the changelog for the new firmware:

1) I have reported there is noise when you use the spdif pass through,see the post here:


though you can mute your TV to get it work, the factory fix this, now Spidf passthrough is working ok;

2) Some customer complain the location weather is just chinese city, i have explained this is Amlogic SDK problem, so i have suggested the factory to remove this, so now you won’t see the chinese city locations;

3) some customer said the ethernet port don’t work, we are really nervous for this bugs, but after check all of our stock, we don’t find the similar problem, after talking with some developers, they send us some logs, and factory make some changes about the ethernet, they said it is fixed, so guys, if you have ethernet problem, try this new firmware;

4) Now you can power off the vega s89 via pressing the power button for 10 seconds;

5) The first bulk customer report, the vega s89 can’t download the google play store paid apps, now it is solved, check it please;

6) Added android original UI, so you can choose from the TV Launcher, and the android original UI;

7) Fix the cpu frequency problem,some developer check the kernel find for the first bulk, amlogic lock the cpu to 1.6Ghz?? i am not sure about this, but factory said they have made it to real 1.9Ghz, I just test the antutu, the score has been over 31000. it’s amazing.

8) Remove some useless app;

ok, i know you must can’t wait to try this new firmware, any feedback is welcome!!!

here we go:

For Tronsmart vega s89 standard version (2G RAM, 16G Storage), Download here:

http://www.mediafire.com/download/94e4k ... mart_1.rar

For Tronsmart vega s89 Elite version (2G RAM,8G Storage) Download here:

http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hqkjfHa (sorry i haven’t got time to mirror this to mediafire, give me 12 hours to finish the reuploading, guys:)


Here is the firmware update instruction:


You should use method 2, i think.

And i am sorry that you have to update manually this time, because tronsmart tell me that the OTA update technology still have little problem, they are working hard to fix, and in next release, they will make the OTA update fully working.



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