Amazing results in "3D MARK" testing APP

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Amazing results in "3D MARK" testing APP

Postby migueldezayas » Sat Jul 26, 2014 9:31 am

:roll: There are a few APPs on Google app store that you could refer when you are looking for a phone with acceptable image and graphics display. 3D MARK is one of those demanding apps that could show you how fast is the CPU of your mobile phone or how good or bad is the resolution on the screen while playing game's graphics.

The following are the results for my THL T200:

Graphics score: 6305
Physics score: 11220
Graphics test 1: 24.2 fps
Graphics test 2: 31.6 fps
Physics test: 35.6 fps

On the side of the TOTAL SCORE there was a small black CUP like the one use in sport. I don't know what that actually means but it shouldn't be a bad thing... Don't you agree? :lol:

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