I love this phone! You can't get more for your buck...

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I love this phone! You can't get more for your buck...

Postby migueldezayas » Fri Jul 18, 2014 9:36 am

I hate being taken advantage by big wireless companies telling you "you get a phone free!" or "we offer you 4G and even 10G with your plan!", and all that B.S.
No offense but if you still believe that you can get "FREE LUNCH" in this world... well, this post is not for you, stick to your $100s monthly plans and your piece of whatever you may have for a phone.
After a long and deep search among affordable phones, looking to the future of the ANDROID market, I decided to spend the least amount of $ for the best piece of hardware upgradable to 4.4 kit kat O.S. available in 2014-2015 for every single built android phone in the world's market. (yes you heard right!).
Phablets are the way to the future I see. You can use it as a phone and the video players in 1920-1080p A.K.A. FHD is the way to go. No more 300s-600s pixels or even 720p! Octa-core phones are faster and do the trick.

I will now tell you the true story of what I did... as I said, after long research I found what I was looking for: a relatively unexpensive, full HD, great cameras (13 and 8 megapixels back and front) octa-core technology super fast CPUs and stylish phone. I finally found all that in the new THL T-200. so, I ordered one at the official site: thlmobile.com and after being transferred automatically to POMPMALL I chose one in black (not available on many other famous sites) at the original lowest price: $269.99 NO TAX! I did paid for DHL delivery that also works fantastic (4 days took the delivery).

Finally the phone came yesterday 7/17/2014 and in one hour I had it up and running in a PURE TALKUSA plan with unlimited talk, msg and 600 MMS data plan up to 1 giga! for only $40.95! Now you tell me... Did I just mention that PURETALK uses the same AT@T NETWORK? (Cingular was the first and the best transmission tower network in the state of Florida where I live since day one... learn your history before choosing your carrier.

The phone is amazing (to me). It scored 27985 in antutu benchmark and 47446 in cf-bench app (available at google play store) which makes the THL T-200 the fastest multicore cpu android actually out there. Oh! you don't believe me? just go to androidauthority.com and check their reviews of the t-200 and scroll down to the cf-bench test results... mine were even better that what they performed :lol:

So! I'm here to answer any questions you may or may not have regarding the famously "bad cheap Chinese phones" mine was not made with asbestos... so! you spend hundreds in your Iphone that will soon be replace for another not too different but with tons of advertising aimed to convince you that the new model the Iphone 12 is better than the Iphone 11... :D as for me... well I chose Google. Android is "OPEN-SOURCE" which means the collective work of thousand of engineers trying to make a better product to the entire world and not just an excuse to make even richer the owner of a stock company selling an inferior hardware with much less CPU horse power.

I hope you learn about some hidden details for the uninitiated in this post and you too comment on it. Look! you can criticize everything I've said, but I am truly happy with my new phone, the THL SUPPORT site is great if you have something to say to them, they do answer fast. The transaction was easy and quick and the delivery couldn't be faster. In just 10 minute conversation you can have your new carrier up and runnin with pure talkusa and even the instructions to set your internet acces for data plans are right there for everyone to follow,

Thanks for your time. Those familiar with Chinese selling companies may have heard about Lightinthebox and geekbuying... they are great seller but the first is not yet carrying the THL T200 and the second... well their price is $319.00 and only carry the white version (the least favorite).

Until my next... :lol:

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