Zopo ZP980+ review coming soon!

Zopo has upgraded the original ZP980 to the MTK6592 8-core soc.
It also features a 5" FHD display, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of flash
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Zopo ZP980+ review coming soon!

Postby deadhp1 » Sat Jan 18, 2014 1:22 am

I received a Zopo ZP980+ yesterday and will be reviewing this amazing FHD 8-core phone.
It will take me a few days to put it through it's paces, but so far it's a real winner!
You can find more info on the ZP980+ at: http://www.geekbuying.com/item/Tronsmar ... 23617.html

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Re: Zopo ZP980+ review coming soon!

Postby newbornlife » Sat Feb 08, 2014 1:29 pm

I hope that others have a better experience than me, but I am disapointed at ZOPO 980+ Octacore 1GB/32GB

I got this phone a couple of weeks ago and I am not very happy with it.
It has a premium feel as far as design goes and excellent battery management, (at least compared with my previous Star B92M) the screen has bright colors and good lighting, as well as a LOUD speaker and earpiece. However it has 2-3 major problems.
1. The keyboard disappears when using internet browsers, firefox, chrome, (and play store) and less often on Opera which I currently use.
2. It suffers from Phantom clicks. When using skype it clicks and opens things without touching the screen!!!
3. a third problem is that skype rarely works ok. Usually it crashes and returns me on the home screen. Thus spending my precious time trying to get lucky and find an instant that skype works for more than 3 seconds :((((

a short review that I wrote follows:

I bought the 1GB Ram - 16GB version as advertised on their website. However in the android settings it says:
Internal storage 3.94GB
Phone storage 24.11GB
So I am not sure but perhaps they send an 1Gb ram - 32Gb version.

The phone is big. Its bigger than the B92M I had. And although the specs said its only 3mm longer the phone seems bigger than that. Mostly because the Zopo 980+ has less rounded edges, similar to the iphone 4+, while B92M has a more roundish shape.

The screen sadly is not OLED. Had I searched a little longer I would have seen this obvious flaw and probably wouldn't have bought it, but in the fast search I did, I didn't notice this omission. The B92M, although its screen wasn't great, it had really nice, deep blacks. That said, the resolution of 980+ is great and the colours vibrant.

The charger: The phone seems to charge fine from 3 different branded chargers 0.55 and 0.85A and is usable at the same time. A fourth branded 0.55A charger I used, resulted in bizarre digitizer performance ( I was pressing on one point of the screen and all sorts of things would open, except the one I wanted), but that was probably the charger's fault rather than the phone's. A similar behaviour had with my B92M and a cheap chinese charger.

The speaker is LOUD. I have only a couple of other phones to compare it too, but it is loud! The earpiece is also of adequate loudness. No more trying to hear someone. I hear them clear with no problem!

The wifi seems to work fine and fast.

I was told that the 980 could be bent a little, and it seems that the 980+ has the same issue.

Antutu gives it a 27500 mark. It came prerooted or so the Antutu says. Update: a root checker app from play store says the phone isn't rooted after all.

The camera: I took a few photos with the camera today and quite sadly it was not performing smoothly. It was lagging quite a bit and on top of that crashed a few times returning me to the homepage.

The music: I listened to some songs on the loudspeaker. Every time the screen goes black there is momentary interference at the song. One would think that with 8 efing cores, the music would be able to play with no problem.

The keyboard disappeared when trying to search and download applications on the google play and internet browsing. How the hell is someone going to use the phone without a keyboard? When using Handcent sms, or Whatsapp and Viber, the keyboard works normally.

The battery gets me a 12 hours working day with small to moderate use with 50% when I get back home.

The flip case: Feels sturdy, but makes the phone really big, approximately 15-16mm thick. Personally I wouldn't recommend it buying because after roughly one week of use it has already started tearing up at the corners. I will add photos as soon as I can.

Skype has problems working. It works sometimes, but most of the time it starts, logs in and then terminates. Then you have to restart it and if you are lucky it works. If you are not lucky, you may spent your time starting and restarting skype. I do not know if that is some sort of phone related problem or some skype bug.
Chrome browser works, but has issues. Lots of lag, the phone hangs the keyboard disappears.
Opera works better, but with lots of tabs 5-8 open, started lagging, and even crashed once.
Angry birds works fine.
Carmageddon works, although it hang once and had to take out the battery.
Fruit ninja works and seems that the phone has a 10 point touchscreen. At least I think so, because it is difficult to watch what the screen does with 10 fingers on it.
Gallery works. Interestingly the thumbnails of videos are showing a video preview of the video. That could prove dangerous if there are any NSFW videos...
Nova 3 doesn't work. I think it doesn't work with any of the MTK chips.
Shazam works fine.
Play store works, although the keyboard vanishes often.
Yahoo and Outlook works fine, as does Youtube.
Video playback works nicely with the built in player.

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Re: Zopo ZP980+ review coming soon! Ghost touch issues

Postby newbornlife » Sat Feb 15, 2014 1:40 pm

I found the following website (zopo nederlands)


Which claims that the ghost touch issues of the zopo 980+ can be fixed with that update. I used it, but I am not sure if it works, since the Skype that I observed this behavior refuses to stay on more than a few seconds. I will post my experience as things develop.

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Re: Zopo ZP980+ review coming soon!

Postby deadhp1 » Sun Feb 16, 2014 1:31 pm

I saw that one too. I didn't have ghost touch problems until recently. For now I've been using the Hybrid V0.1C which is available in the firmware section.
Give it a shot! Skype does work in it, and there are much less ghost touches.

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Re: Zopo ZP980+ review coming soon!

Postby newbornlife » Sat Feb 22, 2014 1:08 pm

Hi there,
I did the firmware update that appeared a couple of days ago the disappearing keyboard initially showed it was fixed, but alas it came back.
I managed to find a (more) stable skype version too and unfortunately the ghost touch issues persist.

I am not familiar with the Hybrid 0.1 you mention. Could you please be a little more specific?
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Re: Zopo ZP980+ review coming soon!

Postby newbornlife » Sun Feb 23, 2014 6:53 am

No, I take it back. The disappearing keyboard did not fix itself with the update:(
It occurred again today

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Re: Zopo ZP980+ review coming soon!

Postby CaryKatie » Thu Aug 28, 2014 4:15 am

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