Games Controller Support for GK802

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Games Controller Support for GK802

Postby sakimotosan » Thu May 30, 2013 5:01 am

Hi All,

As it doesn't seem that there is xpad.ko available to use the XBOX 360 controller (I can only hope it will be part of a future update) I am wondering has anybody had any luck with getting gamepads to work with the device?

If so can you let me know what model was used and what steps were necessary to make it work?

I use my device mostly for gaming and at present the only way I can do this is through mapping keyboard inputs.

Ideally I would use my existing 360 controllers but without xpad.ko I can't do this (and don't have the experience to compile this).

If anyone has had any experience with getting games controllers to work can you let me know?
Also is it possible to use two controllers for multiplayer; even my mapping to different keyboard keys if necessary?


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