mic / speaker / voice recognition on GK802

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mic / speaker / voice recognition on GK802

Postby acone » Wed Jan 02, 2013 1:38 pm

I got the GK802 from Geekbuying in the mail a few days ago along with the RC13 Measy air mouse/speakerphone. The mouse/keyboard functions do overall work though the gyro/pointer function seems erratic (hysterisis) even with repeated calibration, and I've gotten numerous repeats or key bounces, though if I am careful to VERY quickly press and release keys I can enter text as desired. I am mentioning that to say that it appears the RC13 is working properly, or close to it, but I haven't been able to turn on the mic or speaker by pressing the "audio" button in applications that generate sound like music or video players, and the mic doesn't seem to register sound when I am trying to do a voice google search. I have not tried using Skype or other telecom applications.

I noted this both before and after updating the device with the firmware posted 12-15 on Geekbuying: http://blog.geekbuying.com/index.php/20 ... alz-gk802/ I dont know if the firmware was supposed to affect this but I wanted to note it didnt seem to make a difference where mic / speaker functionality or the keyboard in general is concerned. I am not familiar though with using an air mouse or external keyboard in general with an Android device so I don't know how or if various function keys or shortcut keys are working properly yet.

The device I'd prefer to use when possible is the Google voice search and dictation function, and other voice control features Im familiar with from Android phones and tablets. I am mostly pleased with the GK802 and RC13 devices overall but I am hoping that I can get voice recognition working, that's something that might make especially good use of the quad core CPU. If anyone has insight into how to get external audio devices like speakerphones, headsets, microphones, etc working with the GK802 or Android TV / tablet / phone devices it would really benefit users me and prospective buyers of this product.

Also, while I am not at all familiar with Linux, if installing Linux would be a more certain way to use voice recognition on the GK802 I'd be very likely to want to try installing and using that operating system.

If someone could post links to demos and other information of air mice and external keyboards/devices with the Android TV sticks or Android devices in general I'm sure it would help people know better how air mice work with this device.

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Re: mic / speaker / voice recognition on GK802

Postby Rdfx » Wed Jan 02, 2013 2:46 pm

I've actually been having the same nonexistent mic/headset problem (no sound is output and the mic doesn't accept input) with the Q7 Airmouse that I purchased from geekbuying alongside my GK802. Both features worked fine with my MX2 however. I'm not sure if this is a limitation of ICS or that the firmware simply doesn't support the option. I'd be curious about this too.

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Re: mic / speaker / voice recognition on GK802

Postby fwupow » Sat Jan 05, 2013 1:32 am

I got a reply from Geekbuying and they told me that they tested the GK802 with the Logitech c170 webcam This webcam does have a built in mic but Geekbuying still hasn't been completely clear on whether the sound works also.

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