Wifi Settings not adjustable ! (lost WiFi....)

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Wifi Settings not adjustable ! (lost WiFi....)

Postby Aeno » Fri Aug 02, 2013 10:37 am

After not using my GK802 for some time, I hooked it up a couple of days back and for a couple of minutes everything worked fine. I was watching a movie trailer on IMDB.com and that was all OK and after that I thought let me check the wireless settings.
When I switched off the Wifi in Settings, I was not able to switch it on again (properly). Well, the button switched from off to on, but a that time it was starting to search for wireless networks. Well, it said it was searching but then everything froze.

In the mean time I've tried a lot of things and I've seen irradic behaviour of the settings, but I did not manage to get the Wifi working again.
Finally today I reset the device to factory settings, in a ultimate attempt to get rid of this problem. However, that didn't do the trick also.

I'm not sure what has happened but the result is that I cannot use the device anymore (in a proper way).
I've not seen similar issues but does anyone know what I can do to maybe find the rootcause of this.

Thanks in advance for your willingness to help out,


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