Access-the-internal-SD-easily-Mod ;)

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Access-the-internal-SD-easily-Mod ;)

Postby johho » Thu Feb 21, 2013 8:23 am

ATTENTION: You will definitively loose your warranty if you follow the examples of this modification. I will NOT be the bad guy if something goes wrong and you have problems because of that!

On this pictures you can see how i opened the external metall case to get easy accett to the internal SD card.

I used a little machine called "Dremel" to cut it open.

Now i can insert and take out both, the internal and also the external micro SD card at any time without the need of dismounting the whole device.

Surely a part of the internal board is unprotected now, but i decided the danger of damaging the device while completely dismounting it every time i want to access the internal SD is much bigger than now with the partitially opened case.

Out of the box my board didnt fit the case right, so that I wasnt able to use the external SD slot at all. The hole in the case didnt fit the card-slot.
Now, as I said, i can access both without any trouble in seconds.

You can also see the "Wifi-Antenna" Mod, which can be used to attach a much better antenna then the joke which is called installed antenna out of the box :)

So have fun.




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Re: Access-the-internal-SD-easily-Mod ;)

Postby rimakus » Thu Feb 21, 2013 10:22 am

Warranty? What warranty? :o

I will probably do the same if I have time and also cut a hole on another side and put some sort of a small copper radiator something like out there for sale for raspberry pi.

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