External Heatsink mod!

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Re: External Heatsink mod!

Postby Mehdi » Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:57 pm

In my experiments up to 85°C on the outside of the chip. It withstands up to 100°C for short bursts, about 10 secs. At 1 amp consumption it goes right to 100°C.

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Re: External Heatsink mod!

Postby s4nity » Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:17 am

Gtk, Thanks Mehdi ;)
I have to find a small size piece of copper to fit in between the casing and heatpad, it seems my gk802 has the problem with the thermopads small height and does not fill the whole space inside the case ;/

rbPI ftw!:D

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Re: External Heatsink mod!

Postby Kiwi » Thu Apr 04, 2013 11:10 am

I am in the process of designing an aluminium billet case incorporating a large heat sink but I have a couple of design queries as my knowledge is regrettably lacking in this area.

1. Should I keep ventilation holes/slots? Although the heat sink will be large internal temperatures would be fairly high I would imagine.
2. Thermal tape/grease/thermal pads. Which would be best? I know thermal grease is much more efficient but it will require rather fine tolerances to achieve a perfect fit between the chip and case. Will thermal pads/tape decrease efficiency a lot (5+ degrees or just a degree or two)
3. Copper contact at the chip, this will spread heat to the extremities of the heat sink quicker, but will add extra complexity and an extra layer of thermal paste/resin. The copper would be machined to allow contact with the whole heat sink botom and would be around 4-5mm at the processor and 2-3 at the extremities due to avoiding components.
4. Should I include an external screw in aerial port and solder new connections to the board?
5. On a slightly different topic, what is the max overclock achieved with this chip so far? If my design is effective I will be looking at over clocking to the largest stable and thermally suitable speed.

Just an example of a previous case I've make for my ion-itx media centre. The fins are for style as opposed to any cooling requirement.

Sorry about image size.
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Re: External Heatsink mod!

Postby nowords » Fri Apr 05, 2013 10:22 am

This is my working solution for heating reduction whitout any cuting of the stick body. I use radiators HS 184-50 and HS 183-50. Each ~2$. Works fine, and I foget about any overheating :)

The main idea for this solution is to put radiator on the proc. side of the stick (not on the back side as in the first post, which is not heating). The body of the stick is not plastic It's metall based (I think Alluminium)

I achive the best results for radiator in 2-nd and 3-rd fotos.
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Re: External Heatsink mod!

Postby Nex00x1 » Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:04 pm

dylandn wrote:
magimog wrote:What are you using to gauge temperature? I've been curious about just how much I'm shaving off my top temp...

At a shell prompt (under Ubuntu, dont know if Android has these commands, will check later)

Code: Select all

cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

or continuously monitor it with:

Code: Select all

watch cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

Hi :)
Is there an Android App that takes temperature value? I've tried several app but none takes it :cry:
I need to see the difference with and without additional heatsink ;)

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Re: External Heatsink mod!

Postby Venlaw » Fri Sep 06, 2013 5:02 pm

I skipped the case all together. :D


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