Google Play Store Fix for UG802

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Re: Google Play Store Fix for UG802

Postby cyclepathology » Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:46 pm

I just got my ug802 last week, I've rooted it and this post raises some questions for me.

1. What does it fix, precisely? My google play store works pretty much the way I'd expect it to. I might be missing something.
2. Why does my framework.jar output from apktool NOT contain the string 46002 or 46003 or even 4600? Is it because my ROM is dated Dec 17, 2012 and something's changed?

Nothing's broken for me and I'm pretty happy with the stick but what I'm seeing doesn't match this post. I'm curious as to why that's the case. If this is a new ROM maybe I should upload it.

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Re: Google Play Store Fix for UG802

Postby VegasGuy » Sun Jul 28, 2013 1:42 pm

deadhp1, thank you for your very helpful list of steps. I've had my UG802 from the time they first came out. Lucky for me mine has been one of the exceptional ones. I have four full wifi bars from a router 20' away. The China Mobile device was one of my gripes with it and this seems to have fixed it. I'm not sure how to verify it shows as a T-Mobile device but it seems to be working as one.

One point that may help others, when I did the step that outputs the new framework.jar file in the .dist folder I received the message "W: Could not find resources." I thought it was an error but after digging around on the 'Net it seems this message is normal. As long as the framework.jar file is created you are good to go.

Thanks again, you 'da man!

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Re: Google Play Store Fix for UG802

Postby floorinaa » Thu Jan 23, 2014 7:50 am

Is the 3G network being disconnected in the next few years in Australia? If I were to buy a new phone tomorrow would it be better to get the 4G option even though it costs more?
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