UG802 Sky Go does not work

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UG802 Sky Go does not work

Postby ahmetozay » Wed Apr 17, 2013 2:49 am

Hello, i am trying to watch Sky Sports via Sky Go App with my UG802 v2 device with reset switch. Let me tell you the story first

1-İnstalled Sky Go, opened it and it said "Sky go is not compatible with your device" , then i searched google and found build.prop needs to be changed, so i root my device and installed ES File Explorer and locate build.prop in /system/ and changed "ro.product.model " to GT-N7100 and "ro.product.manufacturer" to samsung and reboot the device.

2-Opened Sky Go again, it did not say your device is not compatible but this time it said disconnect your hdmi first, then i searched google and found /sys/devices/virtual/switch/hdmi/state file keeps tracking of hdmi whether it is connected or not so using ES File Explorer change the state to "0".

2-Opened Sky go again it passed the hdmi check and i put my usename and pass , finally i thought it is ok and i will be able to watch sky sports but this time it said Sky go is not supported on rooted devices, so i googled again and found OTA rootkeeper and made temp root. But it didnt work even other apps said you dont have proper root.

3-So i decided to install stock rom and not to root it but using adb to change build.prop, after i changed build.prop with adb and send back to /system/ and reboot, UG802 had boot loop and could not opened it.

Now it has been over a week now and i tried everything that i know and found on google.
UG802 runs 4.1.1

Any advices would be appreciated thanks

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Re: UG802 Sky Go does not work

Postby archideme » Sun Mar 23, 2014 2:23 pm

Did you have luck with skygo on ug802?
I want to try too, but before starting I'm askyng to you the end of the story :-)
Did you started with the standard SkyGo app?

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