Tronsmart T1000 gadget

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Tronsmart T1000 gadget

Postby FD611V » Fri Dec 20, 2013 5:18 pm

Wow! So much to learn for a old person.
I'm a desktop computer person...don't care for all the new gadgets out there. So, here's my requests. I'm giving my wide a new Dell 17-3721 17.3" laptop for Christmas. She have been using a desktop for many years... Hope she will enjoy it as well. Now the information seeking. We moved from Denver, Co some years ago due to job transfer, and miss the television news from there. I have found that most of the TV stations in Denver now stream their newscasts by their website(s) Example: has their newscasts about five times a day, and one can log on and there is the video screen...sometimes in blank, and others times it shows the news when they are broadcasting. As of now I can start the PC/laptop and log on to the website above and get the news by connecting a HDMI cable from the PC/laptop HDMI port direct to the HDTV HDMI port... Picture come in very lad or bad images.

Now the big question(s). I've been reading about the ChromeCast and this new gadget called Tronsmart T1000 dongle that I can connect as I do the HDMI cable. However, in all the remarks made, there nothing mention noting it will work with a laptop with Windows 7 Home and Internet Explorer 11. Do you know if should cane be done before I spend the money.....about $35.00?

Sorry for the extended post here.

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Re: Tronsmart T1000 gadget

Postby Ferbat85 » Sun Mar 23, 2014 6:04 pm

For your own safety I hope you really did not intent to call your spouse a wide instead of WIFE.

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