Where is the community support for this device?

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Where is the community support for this device?

Postby muratremix » Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:36 am

I bought and sold a cx-919 before, right before finless bob made a rom because I thought nobody would support that device.
It had some problems despite the good wifi antenna. Videoplayback wasn't as good as MK808 (frame drops), no 1080p kernel, not stable at 1.6 ghz speeds (I had to root it and set clock to 1.4 ghz in order to complete antutu test)

Now I bought iMito QX1 because of their solid build quality, ability to connect external antenna and more importantly: a true 1080p kernel/rom from factory. Yes, iMito is first brand to release 1080p kernel for RK3188 stick and I've flashed it immediately.

However, I don't understand the silence of community. Is this stick born dead? Or just too late?

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Re: Where is the community support for this device?

Postby Mitchell4you. » Tue Jul 09, 2013 3:09 pm

like this one ?

So, does it work flawless ?
or are there issues ?

perhaps you could post a review ?

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Re: Where is the community support for this device?

Postby relaxxx » Sun Aug 10, 2014 7:46 am

My experience with the QX1/ipegtop A2:

Support for this stick is fairly sad compared to the mk808's and 809's. The 4.1 factory rom is pretty useless, I could not get any USB hub to work with it. It only has one USB so Hub support is pretty essential. The Finless 1.5 - 4.2.2 rom seemed to work pretty good but after a short while the Play Store and some other apps stop working. Also app settings quits if you even try and uninstall anything. I tried the Quickshot V2 rom, same thing... Play Store and apps get corrupted, if it doesn't get boot looped before that even happens. I've tried re-installing these two roms many times with the same results.

My PSU is not the problem either, I have the QX1 board placed in an Xbox case with large heatsink and a server rack SAN unit power supply running it. There is also a Kasty 422 Rom that I never bothered to try as I read someone having the same problems with that. I ended up flashing the factory 422 rom from geekbuying and I haven't even bothered to root it, I just use it strictly for video players now. So that's basically where I'm at with this thing, it was cheap enough, and it is an RK3188. There is also the QX2 Finless KitKat rom that does work but with no wifi, it might be useful if someone has a supported USB network device.

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