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AmLogic 8726 Meson3 X11 Drivers

Postby martinredolatti » Wed Mar 13, 2013 4:20 pm


i've been working for about a month in getting a debian squeeze distribution to work on a geniatech atv1000 powered by an amlogic8726m3 chip.

Command line mode works almost flawlessly, but i'm having a hard time getting the X11 environment to work.

As some of you probably already know, amlogic released source code for kernel 2.6.34 and MaliDeveloper has published drivers for their mali400 gpus that can be compiled on a kernel >= 2.6.36

You can compile the main kernel modules mali.ko and ump.ko by adding some includes, but mali_drm, will not compile or work because the whole DRM subsystem was changed on kernel 2.6.36 and onwards, so the driver is not compatible with that kernel version.

On the other side, amlogic published a 3.0 kernel for their processors up to M6/MX. It includes configurations for meson1/2/3/mx but onle MX with SMP enabled will compile. Taking a look at the files for older meson platforms you can guess they are outdated and using kernel structures from older versions prior to 3.0

Has any of you worked on this before? Does anybody know if there is an alternate DRM driver for kernel 2.6.34? Or has anybody got kernel 3.0 to work on this platform?

Thanks a lot!

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