how to bypass Gameloft licence check on ethernet

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how to bypass Gameloft licence check on ethernet

Postby robs23 » Tue Mar 19, 2013 8:35 am

Hi. My problem is I use my MK808 with internet connected through USB<-->RJ45 adapter. Even though most of apps work correctly, some (e.g. Gameloft games) won't launch as there is no Wifi detected. Unfortunately, Gameloft apps perform a licence check each time you fire game, and this check MUST be performed through WIFI.. My WiFi chip is probably burnt as I did a lot of attempts to re-solder external WIFI antenna (with no luck).

While googling this issue I've come across a solution with qaWifiOnlyMode.txt file. I've checked it with Asphalt 7 but it didn't seem to work. Besides, even if it worked it would still need 3g/GSM network probably. And I HAVE ONLY ETHERNET. Is there any help for me?

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