MK809ii - Anyone out there?

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MK809ii - Anyone out there?

Postby axeman3d » Sat Feb 09, 2013 6:43 pm

I just purchased an MK809ii to begin my Android education, and I seem to be about the only person on the internet with one. I looked at all the specs and this seemed to be the latest thing in TV sticks, but maybe I'm too much of an early adopter because there's very little mention of it anywhere.

Anyway, I've had it one day and its driving me up the wall. The problem is the Wifi, which I realise is no big shock to many of you guys. Reception is infamously crap on these things, I was aware of that when i bought it, but this goes beyond simple low signals. I get 54 Mbps when I first fire it up, but after a couple of minutes the rate drops to 0 Mbps and nothing I can do will get that going again. Any attempt to reset the Wifi results in a complete lockup, and occasionally it will then reboot after a minute or so. If I'm lucky.

I'd like to upgrade the firmware and have downloaded it from the Justop website, but I'm damned if I can read chinese. Anyone worked on one of these things before? It is worth replacing the antennae and hoping that's all it is? Anyone out there?

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