question : mk802 IIIS & MK808B

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question : mk802 IIIS & MK808B

Postby steve_77 » Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:21 pm

Im new to the Mini PC thing - was wondering though which one of these has better support? They both appear the same from hardware perspective, someone said the 808B had build in 2.4 wireless for keyboard as well as bluetooth but not sure. It appears that the mk802IIIS has more linux support. Being that this will be my first device and i want to use it possible with linux as a media server (music, video, secure ftp) which of the two devices would best suit this? and who makes the mk808B (doesnt look like its made by rikomagic) which begs the question of is the is the mk808B essentially a clone of the rikomagic mk802IIIS ?

Also forgot to add that at the moment these 2 devices ( mk802 IIIS & MK808B) appear to be the best from a hardware perspective until the rockchip 3166 comes out, but in case i over-looked some other option - which of these 2 (or something else) would be a good fit for a low-power media server?

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