About the power adaptors from Geekbuying...

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About the power adaptors from Geekbuying...

Postby dylandn » Sun Jan 13, 2013 4:40 pm

I have bought 4 sticks from Geekbuying (2x MX1, 1x MK808, 1x GK802). These all came with a power adapter model LA-520 (I believe the GK802 came with a LA-520W). 5 volts, 2amp. But they're not the same.

Using my phone which could report if it was charging in USB or AC mode, I found that only one of the LA-520s would enable AC mode (aka DCP, FastCharge). The other 3 were USB-mode only with a max draw of 500mA. Cracked them open and found that the two data pins were floating on the USB-mode chargers and soldered together on the AC-mode. Adding a little solder jumper between the D+ and D- pins on the powersupply circuitboard turned the USB-mode chargers into AC-mode chargers. The LA-520W includes a cable that only has the VCC and Ground wires so there's no easy way to short the two data pins together.

I dont know if this will make any difference to the RK3066 (or i.MX6Q) chip and whether they check the status of the data pins to determine how much power to draw but at least to me there's one less mystery about these power supplies.

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Re: About the power adaptors from Geekbuying...

Postby pestul » Sun Apr 21, 2013 9:45 am

I know it's an oldie, but I'd just like to thank you for this information. I didn't think my LA-520 was providing enough juice to my MK808 due to ethernet drop outs (and other inconsistencies), so I decided to replace it with a 5v 2.5a PSU. I spliced in the 5V+ and GRNDs but I didn't give any thought at all to the data wires in the mini-usb connector. It seemed to run better with just this done, but I'm going to solder those datas together as well in case it is still limiting the current somehow.

EDIT: That said, the connection between the D's and the power supply does not exist at anymore, so it probably wouldn't make a difference. But I should have mentioned that my LA-520 did in fact have D cables inside the wiring unlike the ones you had.

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