Help modifying a Pipo S1 kernel.img ?

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Help modifying a Pipo S1 kernel.img ?

Postby enderffx » Thu Jun 27, 2013 2:29 pm

Hello !
I need help.

If you look at the MK808 development (Finless & Omegamoon for example), they can build kernel.img that result in a different native Resolution (not talking about HDMI out Resolution, lets call it native or Desktop or Launcher Resolution).

I got a broken-LCD Pipo S1 that i want to use as a media player.
It has a native resolution of 840x480.
If i flash a kernel.img from the MK808 i can get a native resolution of 1280x720. (Broken LCD only displays upper left corner of 840x480, of COURSE).
HDMI output is CRISP !
I tried 1080p and it works, but i think Rk3066 is too slow for it.

BUT WLAN, Touchpad is not working and the formerly loadable cifs.ko is also not loadable anymore.

So -> nice Resolution, crappy rest, i am simply using a "wrong" kernel.img.

I would love to have a Pipo S1 kernel.img that is patched to the new Resolution.

So where is the secret ?
Can i extract the kernel.img somehow ?
Is the Resolution stored in a config file that i can access after extracting the kernel.img ?
OR is it in the real Linux kernel, hardwired ? (kernel.zimage ???).

Or am i totally on the wrong track and i have to recompile a kernel (which i cannot).

Please help to get me on the right track, my kernel.img flash experiments showed me that it is tecjnically possible but i cannot get the pieces together.



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