Ampe A78 A20 Allwinner Dual Core CPU

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Ampe A78 A20 Allwinner Dual Core CPU

Postby Dvalin21 » Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:17 am


Download latest Firmware:

This is the original of a tablet every has already been seeing but it has the RK3066 CPU instead of the A20 Allwinner.
These tablets like many other Allwinner CPU devices uses PhoenixSuite to install the firmware which you will find in
the download, also something called USBPRO by PhoenixSuite. Now the problem is when I updated my tablet with this firmware,
it went off and never booted back up. When I plug it up to the charger or to computer the charging indicator comes on. This gives me a
good idea that is not a total loss yet. Now, the other problem is that I could have had this fixed, if I can just figure out what key combo that I had accidentally used to make the computer see it after it was in this state. I had figured out too late that I could had flashed the firmware again using the
USBPRO. If anyone has this same tablet or any experience with it, I would really appreciate any help with it. Thanks in advance.

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