Here the solution for Wifi problems of MK808

Hardware Mods For the MK808.
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Here the solution for Wifi problems of MK808

Postby casainho » Sat Nov 24, 2012 9:02 am

Unsoldering the GND from original antena cables (on PCB), works!!

Hello. I tried a few things like use a 2 amps 5V power source and also use a USB extension cable for the RF dongle of the keyboard+mouse I am using, with the same result, I could connect to my Wifi network but it didn't work (pages and youtube didn't work). I also flashed some firmware, but still the problem of the Wifi.

Finally I decided to unsolder the GND from each original antena cables (unsolder on PCB) as reported before by ndriver81 (thank you man!!), FINALLY I get MK808 Wifi working!! I can watch now perfectly the youtube HD videos :-)

Thank you to everyone that tested and reported here. I am also reporting in the hope to help others with the same problem (I wish MK808 would be more "OpenSource").

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Re: Here the solution for Wifi problems of MK808

Postby hawkeye1103 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:07 am

For all you guys who have been waiting for a solution for the drop signal problem/speed of the mk808 i've came up with a easy and viable solution. Well i don't know if it's that easy to do but i've done it and i can assure you it can be done:D.

What you will need for this project:
- thin copper plate (smth like a thick tin foil) mine is 0.04mm
- double sided tape
- soldering iron
- solder
- single core wire ( single core wire is used for all antenna's, i will explain later in the post what it is used for and the results i got)
- some soldering skills
- mk808:D
- scotch tape

First of all i've tried many antennas single cored wire, multiple cored wire, diferent shapes all kinds of stuff you will see in the pictures below.
PS1: the antenna that you see has a cork screw design in it is similar to a standard wifi router antenna:D

The ideea is that i've noticed if i made a big antenna (using only the ant connection, ground not connected) on the backside of the device it would create interference and tho i would get full range (5bars) signal i could not connect to the router. If i made a big antena on the upper side of the device i would get poor signal that would connect fast but the speed was poor and eventually i would lose connectivity. (the problem the device had in the first place). I did not want to drill through the device case and this was the challenge for me.

IMPORTANT: You will have to do all the soldering before applying the double sided tape for the simple reason it will melt and create the short in the plates like the original ones had, for connection to the board you will be using the coaxial cable provided with the device. The process is simple but it takes some minimal soldering skills. After you soldered everything up you will have to apply scotch tape to the ground side of the antenna for the simple reason it's copper and it could short out the components of the device

Info: Wifi is a high frequency radio to be more specific it works pretty much like your car radio or any kind of radio for that matter. So using a single core wire if you already did the mod where you would have to drill the case would give you better signal strength and speed. (try that out)

In the pictures you will also see the tools ive used to pry open the case

PS2: i've tried using only one antenna but the results were not impressive, the antennas i've made and i am curently using were made with almost the same specifications as the original ones, I would guess that being similar to a normal radio a bigger antenna would work even better as long as it's grounded and does not interfere with one another

PS3: i've been getting -70dbs with the router at least 3 meters away in the same room and 65mbps.
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Re: Here the solution for Wifi problems of MK808

Postby hawkeye1103 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:15 am

These are all the pictures... if you have any questions ask away;)
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Re: Here the solution for Wifi problems of MK808

Postby praii » Fri Dec 14, 2012 11:06 pm

Hi hawkeye1103,

I have the same wifi issues with my MK808. Any updates on your MK808 wifi performance after the mod.Could you post the exact dimensions of the antenna. A few more pictures/details would be helpful.

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Re: Here the solution for Wifi problems of MK808

Postby lauriv » Sat Dec 15, 2012 11:47 pm

Not to double post...See: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=515&start=90#p5525


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Re: Here the solution for Wifi problems of MK808

Postby praii » Sat Dec 22, 2012 12:50 am

MK808 WIFI ISSUES I am not sure whether this is the place to post this. But anyway....hope this helps..
Before anyone tries any hardware mods I feel they should surely give this a try---- For me it seems to have solved the problems.
I have the older version of MK808 with the antenna soldered on either sides(unlike the newer ones which seem to have pins on one side--I checked my antenna with a resistance meter and it showed that both my antennae were shorted (0 ohms) as noted by some people---but I wasnt sure about a hardware mod).
With the device I watch Youtube, a few Flash player needed sites and some movie streaming sites. So a very basic user....
My device came with the original factory FW and was barely usable from the beginning. Though my device sits hardly two feet from my router and connecting to it, the wifi used to drop very often and always was struggling to show the fourth band, mostly it was at three and wavering up and down!!
I tried each of the FW versions available and nothing worked. Finally I tried Finless 1.5a. Though I liked the Finless 1.5 a(it is real good,fabulous..congrats finless bob!!) , it too was dropping wifi. From Finless I next installed the Minix hybrid 720p version downloaded from the above site(works and looks very similar to Finless 1.5a-maybe even a bit smoother(thanx lewy 20041--its wonderful!!!).This Minix hybrid stays connected at 65Mbps or there about!!! It shows all four bands in wifi. When I installed the flash player and YouTube, I did it from my sd card before opening the browser even once and first after unistalling the previous installed versions. But still I dont think all is perfect..especially when I have to use that flash player/browser at certain sites. But YouTube works very well and in full screen without a hitch! Somehow from the experience I had, I feel the Flash player/browser has something to do with the problems of the device.

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Re: Here the solution for Wifi problems of MK808

Postby buttheadi » Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:25 pm

Hi guys, my best wifi results after lots of tweaking:
-started with MK808 v2 (pins on the back antenna), stock rom, Linksys WRT54GL/Tomato, WPA/AES: decent signal near router, 1-2 Mbps max. throughput up/down. Started to think about hw/soldering mods/changing antennas.
-stock rom then minix 720p rom, same wifi router but WPA2/AES: decent signal near router, 2-3 Mbps max. up/down
-minix 720p rom, Netgear draft N 150Mbps router with stock firmware, WPA2/AES: good signal, 3-4m from router, 14-15Mbps up/down.
-minix 720p rom, Asus N15U 300Mbps router with Tomato firmware, WPA2/AES: good signal, 3-4m from router and in other room, 15-16Mbps up/down.

It seems that the router/settings/firmware are more important than the weak/low quality antennas on the MK808.

Hope this helps...

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Re: Here the solution for Wifi problems of MK808

Postby taolove » Tue Jan 08, 2013 9:53 am

I don't know if my experience would translate to anyone else's who has an MK808 with wifi problems but here goes...
I had extreme problems with my wifi connection even after installing the Finless 1.5a ROM. My connection would turn off after about 2 minutes, turn on for a few seconds and then turn off again, and it would continue this cycle as long as I had the unit powered on.

After I installed the Finless 1.6 ROM, everything was working correctly. I now have a strong wifi connection so that internet videos play without interruption. I can also view videos from HBOGO and listen to music from Pandora. All other functions of the device work correctly and I'm not even on a new TV with an HDMI plug. I had to get a male HDMI to DVI adaptor to get my MK808 connected to my TV, and I also had to get a USB hub in order to connect a USB sound card so that I can get sound out of the TV while watching videos or listening to music.

I didn't do any soldering or make any changes to the antenna. Just try to install Finless 1.6 ROM before you try any hardware changes.

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Re: Here the solution for Wifi problems of MK808

Postby alaabs1 » Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:14 am

Hello friends,

I have been looking at a lot of threads in this forum and I'm not sure what to do. I'm not a hacker/developer/programmer type so a lot of the lingo and technical stuff is kind of lost on me -- and googling makes my eyes cross. I apologize if I'm dumbing down the post or anything but I could really use some wifi help for dummies. I understand how things are supposed to work, and basic software things to do when they are not working but I fear this is just a tad out of my league. many I am having connectivity issues with my wifi. It recognizes all networks, appropriately assesses how many bars my connection has (all of them), says my connection is excellent, but proceeds to give me authentication problems.

I have seen posts that recommend Bob's MK808 finless ROM. I have seen posts that recommend configuring your router in certain ways. I've seen posts that recommend redoing an antannae yourself. I am hoping someone smarter than me can help walk me through things step by step because I don't know how to do these things and need some instruction without all the tech nerd lingo. Idk if someone is willing to do a live chat somewhere, skype, or anything.

I was pretty excited about having a "smart TV" and am now quite disappointed that the fix is beyond my knowledge base.

If anyone is willing to help a girl out, I appreciate your advice on simple fixes to try first or whatever you have to throw at me.

Thanks in advance for your help :)

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Re: Here the solution for Wifi problems of MK808

Postby L0ur3nz0 » Thu Jan 10, 2013 9:24 am

Like Finless Bob advised, the easiest "quick fix" is to un-solder the GND from the antenna coaxial cable.

But, you won't loose anything if you try (several?) custom firmware before going the hardware hack route...

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