[WIP] MK808 New (and more) Heatsink mod + 2 Fans

Hardware Mods For the MK808.
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[WIP] MK808 New (and more) Heatsink mod + 2 Fans

Postby TomaatHoek » Sat Jun 29, 2013 2:17 pm

Hello everyone.

I have recently bought my MK808 and i really happy with it. I have installed Ubuntu 12.10 in it, and have found out it became hot. As it has almost no cooling , i dont want to burn it while playing games.
So i have the plan to Mod it.

Im going to replace and add more Heatsinks and add 2 fans.
Here is my sketch of where im going to place heatinks, The heatsinks are 6.5x6x3.5MM in size :
(it says MK808B, but i bought mk808 O.o)
(Red = for sure | Blue = Maybe | The Heatsinks)

Im adding 2 fans of the size 2x2cm, and they are going to be placed like this : (i have recieved only 1 at this moment, so i have copypasted an 2nd fan)
( The fans )
And then make air-holes like this for the air to come out (sketch):

As soon as i'm done modding my MK808 i will post an update, but first ! Vacation ! (and waiting for the items to arrive)

Regards, Tomaat!

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