Hardware Mods For the MK808.
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Postby Gottfried » Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:21 pm

Hello All:

I looked under MK808 for introduction. I found none so New Topic. I am running Ubuntu 12.04, on both of my normal use computers, as a dual boot with Win. Using Win only for Win specific programs. I run mostly in Ubuntu. I am more GUI than Command line.

I have been following this forum for a while. I have my MK808 in hand but I am waiting for other hardware to complete system. I ended up with a 1 amp wall wart. So I have modified an old ATX power supply for a 5 amp D.C. supply. Link available. It has enough capacity (14 A) to carry five two amp loads. I plan to try running the whole system off of the one power supply. That would be one for the MK808, two for powered hubs, and one for the HDMI/VGA converter. The power supply will have an off/on switch so the pull the plug on the MK808 problem should be overcome. I will probably work in Ubuntu at first, then work my way into Android. I have Ubuntu Alpha three on USB. When my HDMI/VGA converter gets here I will see If I can make it march.


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