Lets discuss, how you have used your PicUntu. Have you modded it in anyway. Is there a new application/server you are using it as. Lets see your PicUntu in action.
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Postby kentsin » Fri Feb 28, 2014 4:23 am

In the spirit of librarybox I would like to try a library on mk808

This is for distribute digital contents (books, photos, TED, educational Videos, as well as off-line forums) to remote countries.

As tv sticks are inexpensive and can be connect directly to a tv, I think it is more suitable then a router.

I have a mk808 on hand, but did not have access to a librarybox, so I can not port their code directly. Moreover, I think playing videos to the TV is not part of the existing librarybox function.

I am not a programmer myself. Please give me help if you can.

Right now I need to learn after install picuntu, does the MK808 can work like a router? which people with mobile phone or notebook can browse and download files.

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