Measy U2C review!

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Measy U2C review!

Postby deadhp1 » Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:58 am

I recently received the Measy U2C android stick. ... 14220.html
My first impressions of the U2C are that it is well built and has a couple of features not included in other sticks.
Mainly the power button, microphone, webcam, and AV output.

Out of the box the Measy U2C includes a micro-usb power cable and a hdmi extension cable. No power adapter is included.
I had no problems running it off my laptop's usb port or using my other usb power adapters.

Below are some pictures I took:

Picture of the packaging

What is included inside(micro-usb cable, hdmi extension, and Measy U2C)

End of U2C showing the full size usb port and micro-usb port used for power

Side of U2C showing power button, micro-sd slot, micro-usb for computer connection, reset button, and microphone location.

End of U2C showing male HDMI port and port for AV cable(cable not included in package)

Back of U2C showing even more ventilation.

Measy U2C specifications are:

1.6Ghz Rockchip RK3066 CPU(running at 1.2Ghz)
1GB of Ram
8GB of Nand
802.11 b/g/n wifi(up to 150Mbps)
Micro-sd card slot
2x micro-usb ports(1 to power the U2C)
1x Full size usb port
1x Full size male HDMI port
Built-in 2MP Webcam
Built-in Microphone
Reset button
Power Button

Antutu Score:
The Measy U2C out of the box score a 6745. A second run yeilded 7128. The third and final run spit out a 6983.
This pales a bit to what we are used to with the MK808's(1.4Ghz), but it is to be expected since it runs about 200mhz(1.2Ghz)

Edit:I ran antutu a 4th time after rooting the U2C and got a score of 7243.

Wifi Performance:
I was able to connect at 150Mbps to my nearby router and connected at 130Mbps to my router at the opposite side of my house.
I had no issues at all with network drops or slow downs.
Testing with revealed to max out my Internet connection at 29Mbps download and 5.6Mbps upload.

Media Playback:
Netflix playback is good on this device. Subtitles are in sync.
I experienced no drops or buffering during playback.

HBO Go playback is also great. I used the modified app available on XDA forums that allows HDMI output.
It worked like a charm.

Youtube required that I use an older version to allow full screen video. This is a problem on ALL devices because the current Play Store version of Youtube has removed the option for full screen video.

I've experienced no issues with video playback using MX Player or the built-in video app.
The audio sync seems very good to me.

Performance of the webcam seems very decent for the size.
In a properly lighted room the video was clear and sharp. Low light conditions were not as good, but still usable.
Skype works quite well. Much better than I expected it to. The video quality streamed from the U2C's camera is actuallty a bit better than the quality coming out of my laptop's built-in camera. The sound quality in skype is very decent.

Geekbuying will also be selling a docking station for the Measy U2C. ... cessories/

I'm really enjoying having the microphone. My main reason I like it is for Voice Search.
It's quite simple to speak commands in both the stock browser and youtube.
The microphone also seems to have a decent range and can pick up my voice from my couch when the U2C is placed on my HDTV.

Power Button:
To call this a power button is a little misleading. It is actually more like a standby button.
It can be used to put the U2C into standby mode and blanks the display when pressed.
If you hold this button down it will bring up a shutdown menu which actually shuts the U2C down, but still leaves the power light illuminated.

AV Output:
The U2C does not include an AV cable, but does have an av output port located to the left of the HDMI port.
I used an extra 3 pin av cable I had laying around.
I selected CVBS:NTSC mode and my older TV and had no trouble outputing to it.

Video/sound playback was good through the older TV.
This is extremely useful for those that still don't have a tv that supports HDMI, or if you have an older set in a guest bedroom.
However, web browsing can be a little hard on the eyes at these resolutions.

The Measy U2C comes with plenty of storage 8GB in total. As usual android takes a chunk for itself.

End Results:
I'd recommend this device for anyone looking to have a android stick with a built in webcam and microphone.
The AV output can be very useful when needed.
Wifi performance was very reasonable.
Video Playback was just as good as any other RK3066 android stick.
It's a solid stick and the only let down I had was the 1.2Ghz processor speed.(no heatsink) While testing it I barely notice the difference in system speed between the MK808 at 1.4Ghz and the U2C at 1.2Ghz.
I've really enjoyed using the Measy U2C and like the easy access to the microphone/camera. I'll be getting the docking station when it is available.

The Measy U2C can be purchased from geekbuying at: ... 14220.html
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Re: Measy U2C review!

Postby sirtigger35 » Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:49 pm

Does it run XBMC?

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