cx-01 custom rom.

Stock and Custom Firmware Development For the CX-01.
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cx-01 custom rom.

Postby tatubias » Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:17 am

We are happy to announce the launch of the FIRST (public released) custom rom for the CX-01 Android TV stick.
I would like to thank Pandawill for supplying the device, tatubias for the tweaks and testing my/our roms & FUN for the apps to build the rom.

The rom comes in 1 flavor. :D
Phat which is the "normal" rom supplied but with the tweaks applied, rooted, with Holo Launcher as the home screen/launcher & with hackers keyboard installed, a few apps have been removed like the manual and the old market. (& busybox 1.22 has been installed)
This includes the following extra apps installed (in user space so they can be removed if you want)

  • AdFree
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Amazon Apps
  • Cifsmanager
  • Fing
  • Mediahouse
  • Mizuu lite
  • Moboplayer
  • MortPlayer
  • Opera Mobile Web Browser 12.0.4
  • Solid Explorer
  • QuickPic
  • SD Maid
  • Stericson Busybox Installer
  • Terminal Client
  • Wifiadb
  • YouTube HD

1 - Stable Android Market.
2 - build.prop Tweaks.
  • Full Market.
  • Improve touch responsiveness through Hardware Rendering.
  • GPU try to handle User interface.
  • Some other video performances added.
  • Max events UI can handle in 1s set to 240.
  • Increase "touch" responsiveness.
  • Dalvik Tweak updated Values 15 August.
  • Screen Wide fix (images used to get out from the tv screen from the side (fixed)).
  • Other little tweaks.
  • Enhance JPG Quality.
  • Interface Set to English.
  • Disable logcat – Android Logger.
  • Disable Extended JNI Checks.
  • Improve performance in video playback and streaming.
  • Added Googles DNS.
  • Improve Scrolling Responsiveness.
  • Bootanimation added.
3 - Ads Block via host file - update using adblock
4 - "Google blocking apps writing to SD cards" (fix).
5 - Default WallPaper changed
6 - Instalation menu options and updates.
7 - init.rc enabled
8 - Framework tweak (mouse pointer Resize 50% smaller Than original).
9 - Rooted
10 - wifi tweaks
11 - Droidmote (ready)

Many more tweaks done, including installation of settings for some of the main apps.

There is both a 4Gb and 8Gb version - Choose the right one for your device.

Download Link:

8GB Version:
4GB Version:

Release History:-
V1 -- 1st public release - 7 Sept

Known bugs:-
Opera seems to need lauched twice, I have no idea why, it works but closes on the first lauch.

See [url=""]HERE[/url] for details on how to flash the rom, use this downloaded rom inplace of the stock in the instructions, and you should only need lk.rom loaded but NOT checked only the rom should be ticked for installation. (This is the case with the 8Gb rom)

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