ArchLinuxArm on xx802

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ArchLinuxArm on xx802

Postby linuxium » Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:45 am

If anyone is interested, it is possible to get ArchLinux working on the xx802. You'll need the Geekbuying supplied uboot and uImage, together with the ArchLinuxArm Nitrogen6x root filesystem, the Freescale Oneiric /dev directory, a UART connection and the documentation from the Beginners Guide for ArchLinux installation.

Create an SD card as per the deadhp1 modified Geebuying Ubuntu installation script but substituting the ArchLinuxArm Nitrogen6x root filesystem. Add in the Freescale Oneiric /dev directory and boot. Then systematically fix the errors thrown up from dmesg (as shown via a minicom output from the UART connection) and reboot.

From there you can start building your ArchLinux installation to your requirements. Remember that you can boot and access through ssh as soon as you've fixed up those initial show stoppers.

Its fiddly, its frustrating, it might not be easy (depending on your Linux experience), but its fun. Enjoy!

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Re: ArchLinuxArm on xx802

Postby johant » Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:22 pm

Would it be possible for you to supply a (minimal) dd image? I'd like to try Arch on my stick but I don't have the time to get it installed myself.

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