Strange problem flashing my mk808 (SOLVED)

Stock and Custom Firmware Development For the MK808.
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Strange problem flashing my mk808 (SOLVED)

Postby mazzarock » Wed Dec 19, 2012 4:50 am

A post to report my user experience: after having flashed a custom firmware (andy's one from another forum) my mk808 was not recognized by pc even if in flash mode... after having tried many times and different softwares and technique I tried to connect the mk808 with a standard cable (samsung galaxy s2) instead of its own and immediatly the mk808 was recognized by pc and I could flash my mk808 as before. Before this I had flashed without problem my mk808 with its cable... maybe the new flashed rom put the mk808 at higher cpu and it needed more power by a direct cable instead of the original wich is doubled for connecting a device... hope it will be of help to someone, keep up the good work in this forum.

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Re: Strange problem flashing my mk808 (SOLVED)

Postby player911 » Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:19 pm

I CANNOT flash mine with the included cable. There is something about it. In fact, I can't flash it with a few cables... even though they work as a Device>PC connection for transferring files... but it Will NOT work with flashing.

I have 1 cable that works and here is how I do it:
-Unplug everything
-Plug the USB cable into your PC
-Paperclip the hidden button and HOLD IT DOWN
-Plug in the microUSB (PC) cable in to the OTG port (while still holding the paperclip button down)

The PC should almost instantly beep and you are in flash mode.

The MK808 doesn't require a 2nd cable for power. The MK808 WILL get power and run from the PC over the OTG port. So the only thing required to be connected is the PC-OTG cable. You don't even really need HDMI to flash these.

So check your USB cables if you run into problems. The Hidden Button needs to be pressed and held before powering the unit on.

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Re: Strange problem flashing my mk808 (SOLVED)

Postby mk808freak » Tue Jan 08, 2013 9:00 pm

This is not the issue with my mk808. First thing I did was try a number of usb cables. PC still does not recognize it. Although I did only get a 1A power supply with it and can't seem to find a 2A one that is not needed for PC flashing.

I think I may have tried running AnTuTu benchmark on it though. Probably shouldn't have done that if the cpu is overclocked and overheating.

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