Wrong firmware?

Stock and Custom Firmware Development For the MK808.
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Wrong firmware?

Postby Davea » Fri May 10, 2013 8:09 am

After a period of problems wuth this mk808
I updated the firmware, and avery flash, the device became worse.

First white dots, like static electric, or thunder in the air.
Changed cable, and hdmi. Solved for a few days, but problem came back. So i believe this device is quite
Unstable and buggy. Sometimes the screen become pink, with " no signal " every few seconds. I tried different
Firmwares, wich says mk808 firmware, but none are working anymore. I realisec that his device is som sort
Of homebrew thingy, but is it bricked allready? This easy? It only worked well for a few days, in a period of 1,5 month.
Had to replace the usb and hdmi cable, because they said that the cables included, were bad. With this in mind, i dont believe his device is that high quality?

Any idea?


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Re: Wrong firmware?

Postby Davea » Sun May 12, 2013 7:42 am

Really nobody have an idea wat this
Could be, realtime nobody lol :?

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Re: Wrong firmware?

Postby L0ur3nz0 » Sun May 12, 2013 3:55 pm

Mine gets a pink screen when I disconnect the TV and turn it back on. In my case the problem may be in a HDMI switch I have to add more ports to my 1-HDMI-only TV...

my advice:

Go back to stock firmware, and then try other custom firmware.

you may also want to switch PC and use a good (branded) usb cable (throw the blundled USB cable to the garbage bin!). Don't use USB hubs to flash.

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Re: Wrong firmware?

Postby Davea » Sun May 12, 2013 4:03 pm

How do i know woch is the
Stock firmware? My screen gets much much
Worse. I have tries different firmwares

Maybe that ruines the gpu?
I also tried the first firmware, wich i used at the
Time all the problems were gone ( so i thought that firmware
Must be good ) but i get pink screens as well. When i turn it on, all i
See pink. So it seems it doesnt matter wich
Firmware i use, because the first succefull firmware is used
Right now, but with no avail.

I think its destroyed?
I have the mk808 from the banner above.
Rk3066, but came from china seller. I used my own
Cables, as hama hdmi gold plated, and my usb cable
Wich i also used for my externall hdd.
I also tried to use the apple ipad usb loader, because this
Worked great few weeks ago, but not anymore.

I dont understand it anymore. This is crazy

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