CIFS moudles of T21/GV21 for nufront ns115

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CIFS moudles of T21/GV21 for nufront ns115

Postby alicqin » Fri Apr 19, 2013 11:07 pm

It had been a long time for searching the modules for ns115 chip, but it seems most people doesn't care about this chip. Obviously, this chip is not as popular as mk808. It's a chance I found the kernel source for ns115 chip but not for T21 or GV21, see below link: ... el-Sources
Install Ubuntu and compile this, do it successfully except some small errors. At last, I build all the modules for CIFS which are attached at below, hope those will help some guys who want to access network share like a local disk. Currently, the system will be hanged some times during mount, I don't know if it is only a problem for me.
The reason I need the modules are that video players (Mx, mobo, etc...) can't play *.mkv file of HD movie (size is bigger than 4GB) by ES file manager. With CIFS, yes, there is no problem to play 1080P or 720P. But it's a pity that I found an issue which seems to be drivers incompatible to hang system when mount network share during HDMI is outputing. I don't get any useful information during the system hang so I can't continue. A workaround to resolve this is that use script to start loading modules in booting and don't show screen until share folder is mounted.
Another thing I need to mention, you need a order a AX88772B usb adapter(don't buy RD9700, only about 500 KB) which will give you good speed about 4-5 MB for me and only about 1-2 MB for WIFI.
Any way, you could try this, good luck. If you are interesting the detail, I could explain more but no more experience on linux driver. If somebody could resolve the issue, that will be a big good news for me.
In zip file, all modules are included and script to load modules.Put the scripts to folder "/" to overwirte the original one (don't forget backup). With the script the modules will be loaded during boot, but you need to decide when to mount folder(by now, I don't find a good time to call that, sorry).
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Re: CIFS moudles of T21/GV21 for nufront ns115

Postby Rumblefish » Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:44 am

Thanks, going to try it now.
It's true, the Nufront is not as popular as the Rockchip, which is a shame, because i find it very good. It is just unlucky that it did not come out a little earlier, or that it is not installed in as many devices.
Also, it has very poor support. :cry:

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