Working: Wireless Mouse and Keyboard, Belkin USB hub

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Working: Wireless Mouse and Keyboard, Belkin USB hub

Postby RainmanP » Sat Jan 19, 2013 10:12 am

CAVEAT ADDED 2/1/2013 - A couple of days after posting this I discovered that I did not have the "original" MK808B but the variant with Mediatek wifi/bluetooth chip.

Just in case it interests anyone I was successful using a Belkin USB 2.0 4-Port Ultra-Mini Hub and Squeaky Clean wireless keyboard and mouse. This hub does not have port for external power so it likely will not power a portable HDD.

The odd-sounding keyboard and mouse were an impulse purchase a couple of weeks ago; I got both for US$10 so I figured what the heck. Each has its own wifi dongle. The claim to fame for these two devices is that you can supposedly wash them in a dishwasher. I just got them because they were so cheap. They work fine and have pretty good range. The mouse has a touch strip for scrolling that works pretty well with the MK808B.

I also tried a Microsoft 5000 bluetooth mouse. This particular mode is infamous for being finicky to connect. Does not require a pairing code but routinely "rejects" pairing. Sometimes it will finally pair after several tries. I finally did get it to pair, but pointer movement was horridly sluggish and useless. I should have tried another bt mouse so I could at least report. Will do that later.

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