Power problems

New MK808 with internal Bluetooth!
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Power problems

Postby sim1 » Tue Sep 10, 2013 5:47 pm

My mk808b is shutting down at random intervals, usually within 10 minutes.
My problems started when my power supply died, from a shortcut. I have a leftover from a mobile phone, but my mk808b shuts down after some use, seems like it doesn't like to stream 720p vids.
Can this be caused by the power supply only outputting 1A (and 5v)? Or did it burn something out when the power supply died? Can it be that I need to flash the rom?

Also, can it have overheated and caused damage at some point? The new power supply worked for a while, a couple of hours maybe, then the mk808b started to act up.

Hope to get some feedback and speculation.


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