Multi Touch Support (it works on Androidx86)

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Multi Touch Support (it works on Androidx86)

Postby samamoro » Sat Apr 27, 2013 7:32 am

Hello Everybody! :)

This is Moreno from Italy, I am trying to get support of my megapad multitouch panel with the stick MK808B. (it would be used as an interactive baby table 22" led LG)

I have tried all kind of ROM with several different Kernel', without any improviment in the full enable multitouch support of my led panel. At the moment I am using the Finless ROM 1.7c which appears to be the smooth and the most indicate for me.

Strange or not, using the Androidx86 version in a normal pc conecting the usb touchpanel to it, it does recognise the multitouch and it works perfectly (android-x86-4.2-20130228 :roll:

but when the usb multitouch is going to be connected to the Stick MK808B and having tried any sorta of available ROM, the only thing working is the "pressing touch spot" without any sorta of movement/navigation across the screen at all..

with lsusb I have got it:

input: HID 8883:0001 as /devices/platform/usb20_otg/usb1/1-1/1-1:1.0?input/input3

generic-usb 0003.8883:0001.0003 Input: usb HID v.1.11 mouse on usb-usb20_otg-1/input0

mfr=0 product=0 serial number=0 can't set config#1, error -108

id vendor= 8883 id product=0001

I have tried with my "poor beginner knoledge skills" to modify under IDC creating instructions for the 8883:0001, adding some *.ko files..... doing that I lost even the poor ability of the touching.. :?

My little point of view, I believe into the Andoridx86 Kernel there are instructions which definatly will make the multitouch works on the MK808B Kernel.. I think, it is just an idea that The problem seems to be caused by incorrect initialization of the touch events somewhere on the low level (in the kernel or the touch panel driver?)

anyone with a similar problem, suggest, idea or a miracle solution.....? :D :roll:

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